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  • 01-09-11 TF-Media call notes
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Date: 01/09/2011 @ 10:00-12:30

Jack Barokas, Tel Aviv University
Jose Maria Fontanillo Muñiz, RedIRIS
Vicente Goyanes, University of Vigo
Luka Mlinaric, CARNet
Cláudio Silva, FCCN
Peter Szegedi, TERENA
Otto J Wittner, UNINETT AS
Andy Zbinden, SWITCH
Emmanouil Zouraris, University of Crete

1) TF-Media survey results
2) Porto meeting preparation
3) Future of the activity


  • It was agreed that the survey results must be made available to the
    task force participants for analysis. It was found that the Limesurvey
    webtool itself provides quick&easy analysis functions that people can
    use. Who wants to dive deep into the details the database can always be
    exported to Excel format. Due to security and privacy reasons, the
    Limesurvey database will be duplicated and the answers will be
    anonymized (e-mail addresses cancelled) in the public version. Otto
    (UNINETT) will distribute guest accounts to the Limesurvey tool.
  • It was also agreed to create two publication materials (ie. posters in
    PDF format) reflecting the TF-Media participants' interpretation of the
    a) a "marketing" oriented poster that can be used to sell the idea of
    using media management systems/workflow in teaching environment to
    decision makers,
    b) a more "technical" poster that can illustrate the current technology
    trends and future interests to technical people.
    TERENA can produce these posters and can also provide the editable
    source of the graphics so the results can be used by anyone to create
    their own corporate-branded posters.
    Andy (SWITCH) and Otto (UNIENTT) volunteered to suggest 3-5 types of
    analysis results (graphs, charts, etc.) that they would like to see on
    these posters respectively.
    Other proposals are very welcome!


  • The next coming TF-Media meeting will be held on 26-28 October 2011 in
    Porto, Portugal. Three events will be co-located at the same place:
    a) a local meeting to university IT/media people (in Portuguese
    language) on Tuesday the 25th, organised by FCCN.
    b) an international workshop on multi-media management (in English
    language) on Wednesday the 26th.
    c) a TF-Media meeting focusing on the future of the activity on Thursday
    and Friday morning the 27-28th.
  • The workshop day will give an overview and general update on the media
    management tools, services, and national activities.
  • Jose Maria (RedIRIS) will check if he can attend and give an update to
  • Vicente (Uni Vigo) will check if he or someone else from the OpenCast
    community can give an update to Matterhorn.
  • Andy (SWITCH) confirmed that he can talk about SWITCHcast.
  • Cláudio (FCCN) will get a confirmation on the Cluster Media and Mog
    Solutions talks.
  • Andy (SWITCH) and Peter (TERENA) will have a call with the Level3
    people if they are willing to contribute to the workshop.
  • Peter (TERENA) will chase Frans (SURFnet) to talk about MediaMosa and
    Juan (UPM) to talk about Global Plaza.
  • A panel discussion can be held at the and of the day.
    Other proposals are very welcome!
  • The TF-Media meeting will consist of:
  • lighting talks (5-10 minutes) to illustrate a topic
  • open discussion forum
  • timeslot for last minute ideas to present
  • an optional tour to the Portuguese TV on Friday afternoon (not
    confirmed yet)
  • The participants in the call had a quick brainstorming about the
    potential lighting talks' topics as follows:
  • how to encourage people to use media management tools (by Andy).
    SWITCH promotion video will be shown.
  • e-Learning, ie. how students can access learning materials (by Otto).
  • search engines (by Otto)
  • collaboration infrastructure to combine applications from different
    providers (e.g., SURFconext, etc.) (by eCampus people and SURFnet)
  • content portals (by Jack, Tel Aviv Uni)
  • campus wide automated recording (by Vicente)
  • mobile and multi-stream video recording (by Vicente)
  • integration of web-conferencing (by Vicente)
  • studio techniques, best practices (by FCCN)
    Other proposals are very welcome!


  • Peter (TERENA) pictured two potential strategies for the continuation
    of TF-Media;
  • one would be to still focus on media management tools, services and
    narrow down the scope to specific technical and non-technical topics,
  • the other one would be to shift the focus a little bit towards digital
    teaching/learning environment and try to include areas like
    webconferencing, social media, e-Learning platforms, LMS/LCMS,
    pedagogical content, real-time streaming, etc. into the task force.
    In principle, we should focus on areas where we can collaborate at the
    pan-European scale and beyond (e.g., integration of tools, common
    portal, joint promotion/marketing/training, etc.)
  • Vicente (Uni Vigo) commented that from an university perspective the
    current task force is the only forum where multi-media topics are
    discussed. Media is everywhere (in all learning/teaching context) where
    we use video, picture, and audio. It is fine if TF-Media broadens its
    scope even to pedagogical content, but at the same time the work items
    should be more focused on specific topics e.g., lecture capturing.
  • Participants agreed that the activity's scope can be broadened but the
    work items must be more focused, in principle.
  • Andy (SWITCH) confirmed that he is ready to chair the follow-up task
    force (if the community supports his nomination) and he is also open for
    a co-chair position if someone wants to help him.
  • Discussion will continue on the mailing list.


1) on Otto (UNINETT) to provide Limesurvey guest accounts to the
anonymized copy of the survey results.

2) on Andy (SWITCH), Otto (UNINETT) and others to suggest 3-5 types of
results (graph about this, chart about that, etc.) that they would like
to see on the marketing and technical posters.

3) on all to propose workshop speaker and lighting talk topics for the
next coming TF-Media meeting.

4) on all to start discussion on the mailing list about the potential
continuation of the task force and future directions. Any idea is very

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