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TF-Media: TERENA Task Force on Media Production, Management, and Distribution

A task force is established under the auspices of the TERENA Technical Programme to collect ideas, knowledge and experiences about technical and legal aspects of federated multimedia production, management and distribution services on a pan-European scale. The Task Force on Media Management and Distribution will explore the architectures, workflow processes and functionalities of different rich media management and distribution systems and services, as well as the possibility to federate media repositories (i.e., providing federated access and also the federation of content) at the European level.

The Task Force is open to any individual who can offer appropriate expertise, manpower, equipment or services. Participation is on a voluntary basis.

The Task Force mailing list is:

The Task Force website can be found here:

The aims of this Task Force are:

  1. to provide a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience, and knowledge about the technical, administrative and legal issues.
  2. to identify, and promote the use of open standards, architectures, technology  and procedures in the field of multimedia production, management and distribution that are relevant to the educational and research community.
  3. to foster the federation of the national media content and metadata repositories at a pan-European level.
  4. to identify and coordinate and where possible collaborate on the national activities related to multimedia recording, management, streaming, as well as the repository service development and deployment.
  5. to draft guideline or best practice documents containing and promoting information about existing standards, workflows, latest technology and service requirements, as well as rollout programmes and possibly also operation of common services.
  6. to work together with related TERENA task forces such as TF-EMC2 and TF-PR and also to liaise with other communities such as the Opencast Community, EUNIS and standardisation bodies.

List of Work Items:

TF-Media Scope:

In Scope

On the edge

Out of Scope

Metadata for accessibility and searchability

API for export/import of metadata to external systems

Allocating metadata in external systems (VC, LMS)

Ingest external video

API for integration (e.g. SWITCHcast - Adobe Connect)

VC platform exporting functionalities

Integration with LMS for Media Management Systems


Integration with LMS for VC systems





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