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Work item B: Overview of (national) activities, deployments and services


  • Gather information on relevant projects, activities, deployments and services at national levels.
  • Collect best practices and service requirements.
  • Publish on the TF-Media wiki on an ongoing basis.

TF-Media: Media Asset Management Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect basic information about current NREN activities and services related to media asset management applied for lecture recording.

Please check the survey for questions and when you have additional questions please submit them to the TF-Media-list (

TERENA National Members (TODO: change table by country, adding universities etc.)


NREN, country

Pointer to overview of activities, deployments and services

ACOnet, Austria

AMRES - University of Belgrade, Serbia

ARNES, Slovenia

BELNET, Belgium

BREN, Bulgaria

CARNet, Croatia

CESNET, Czech Republic

CESNET, Czech Republic

CYNET, Cyprus

DFN, Germany

EENet, Estonia

Swiss Educast project, Switzerland

Olaf A. Schulte, ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Olaf A. Schulte, ETH Zurich

FCCN, Portugal

Rui Ribeiro, FCCN, Portugal

FUNET, Finland

GARR, Italy

GRNET, Greece

HEAnet, Ireland



IUCC, Israel

JANET(UK), United Kingdom

LITNET, Lithuania

MARNET, FYR of Macedonia

MREN, Montenegro

Opencast Community

Olaf A. Schulte, Opencast Community

Opencast Matterhorn

Olaf A. Schulte, Opencast Matterhorn

PCSS, Poland

RedIRIS, Spain


RESTENA, Luxembourg

RHnet, Iceland

RoEduNet, Romania

SANET, Slovakia

IMCS UL, SigmaNet, Latvia

SUNET, Sweden

SURFnet, The Netherlands

Frans Ward, SURFnet, The Netherlands

SWITCH, Switzerland

UIIP NASB, Belarus


UNI-C, Denmark


Otto J Wittner, UNINETT's eCampus program

University of Malta, Malta


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