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We are running the Sympa mailing list manager - yay! There are some issues to be fixed or reconfigured though.


Plan to Migrate lists 

MX record

Still points to, which is a single Exim instance in Cambridge and does not do IPv6. Should be changed to the French MX service that David knows about.

Default configuration changes

Some default list configuration items should be changed:


  • Visibility of the lists (visibility): should be set to noconceal
  • Reply address (reply_to_header): should be set to sender

We should create a custom List Type entry to reflect our common defaults. Now we have created 100+ lists and need to go in and edit them all manually...

DKIM and DMARC breakage

Not sure what causes this, but sending a message from a account to the list causes it to fail DKIM/DMARC for (at least) Google receipients


User interface issues


  • When users try to access a resource that is protected with their browser (for instance the management page of a list), and they are not logged in, they are presented with a massive flashing text ERROR blah. It would be better if the user was redirected to the SSO page (and after authentication redirected back to where he came from)
  • When trying to subsc


  • Login button is called Connection. This should read Sign in.
  • The website now has title GÉANT groupware service. This should read GÉANT mailing list manager, as we won't be using the groupware functionality (we will use a separate Grouper/COmanage instance)
  • When 
  • E-mail message typo:

You have been delegated the responsability of list owner by for list

The list homepage: 

Owner and moderator guide:

 The word ‘Responsibility’ in first line is mis-typed



Criteria for setting up lists

Good information here:



  • Requests for new lists don't trigger an e-mail to list master.... This is quite urgent as there were a couple of requests sitting in the queue.
  • Searching for lists on gives "Error: file error - recursion into 'search_list.tt2'"
  • We want to be able to put personal unsubscription links at the bottom of messages, this should be done by setting merge_feature to On on but there is no way to edit any config on that page (permissions?).











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