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Condition Evaluated



entityID attribute value has no space characters, starts with http:// or https:// or urn: and must be unique within given feed

[SAMLmeta], [SAML] 1.3.2


md:Extensions element with mdrpi:RegistrationInfo is defined and registrationAuthority attribute matches the value registered with the eduGAIN OT for a given federation

[eduGAIN-profile] sec. 3


if within md:ContactPerson element any of the following elements is declared: GivenName, Surname, EmailAddress, TelephoneNumber - its values must not be empty


 [SAML] 1.3.1

E4md:OrganizationDisplayName, md:OrganizationName, md:OrganizationURL elements are not empty SAMLMeta, SAML 1.3.1 i 1.3.2[eduGAIN-profile] sec. 3


if md:Organization element is declared with md:OrganizationDisplayName and/or md:OrganizationName and/or md:OrganizationURL elements then values of these elements must not be empty


[SAML] 1.3.2,

 [SAML] 1.3.1

E6md:ContactPerson exists with technical or support contactType[eduGAIN-profile] sec. 3
E7md:EmailAddress in md:ContactPerson element must start with mailto: prefix - not impmemented as implemented as error yet[SAMLmeta] sec., line 495
E8mdrpi:RegistrationInfo element defined more than once within a given md:Extensions element[MDRPI] sec. 2.1
E9mdattr:EntityAttributes element appears more than once within a given md:Extensions element [MEEA] sec 2.3