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This page lists entity metadata values that are well known as source of operational issues affecting SAML2 implementations in eduGAIN. According to the severity of the issues, the eduGAIN OT may reject the feed containing the metadata. The eduGAIN OT will take all the possible measures to limit the damages caused by the issue according to its severity, rejection of the feed included.

Whatever the action the eduGAIN OT will undertake, it will promptly contact the Identity Federation responsible for the feed and it will try to solve the issue without any service interruption if possible.


whenever possible.

In the case a the rejection of the feed is unavoidable, the eduGAIN OT will support the Identity Federation to restore the feed as soon as possible. Please note that even in the case of rejection of the feed containing the offending values, the last available feed will still be valid and it will continue to be published as part of the eduGAIN metadata aggregate.

Known Metadata Operational Issues table

republish their
CodeUpstream ConditionsDownstream ConditionsKnow Operational IssuesPossible actionsActions

The upstream metadata feed


of an

identity federation

eduGAIN member contains a CR (Carriage Return) as a literal character reference ("
"  or "

  • the feed is aggregated as is in the eduGAIN metadata
  • another identity federation pick


    An eduGAIN member picks up the eduGAIN metadata and

    republishes it to

    its own parties leaving untouched the CR literal character reference.

    (2016) Relying parties not able to validate the metadata.

    (2019-08-21) .NET based signature validation fails  (ADFSToolkit and other Powershell aggregate handlers impacted) - signaled by InCommon member to ADFSToolkit team via ADFSToolkit issue tracker, escalated and resolved by InCommon support. 

    (2020) .NET based signature validation fails (ADFSToolkit and  other Powershell aggregate handlers not able to validate the metadata)

    Warn and remedy by


    • Reject the upstream feed containing the CR.
    • Immediately notify the Identity Federation responsible for the feed Reject the upstream feed containing the CRin order to fix it.


    2020-10-15 side note on Code CR from Chris Phillips: