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Signing certificate expired

1-global1Currently implemented as a validator warning. To be confirmed by the SG.
2md:EmailAddress in md:ContactPerson element should start with mailto: prefix2-entity4This violates line 495 of and should be considered an error!

SIRTFI attribute present and security contact found but no contactType

2-entity2SIRTFI specification error

SIRTFI attribute declared but no appropriate md:ContactPerson set

2-entity2SIRTFI specification error

shibmd:Scope with no regexp attribute

2-entity5 recommendation

mdattr:EntityAttributes placed in md:Extensions element of SPSSODescriptor/IDPSSODescriptor, expected in  md:Extensions element of EntityDescriptor

2-entity1Since does not define appearance of this element in places other then md:Extensions element of EntityDescriptor it is most likely that the condition is a result of a mistake.

mdrpi:RegistrationPolicy not found

2-entity3eduGAIN SAML profile Section 3

mdattr:EntityAttributes element contains saml:AttributeValue with leading/trailing whitespaces

9mdui:UIInfo not found , no but mdui:DisplayName and mdui:Description not present3-role3eduGAIN SAML profile Section 3
10mdui:UIInfo with mdui:DisplayName found but no mdui:Description not presentLogo element3-role1eduGAIN SAML profile Section 3
11for SP: mdui:UIInfo not found but , no mdui:DisplayName not and mdui:Description present3-role3eduGAIN SAML profile Section 3
12for SP: mdui:UIInfo found but neither with mdui:DisplayName nor found but mdui:Description not present3-role3eduGAIN SAML profile Section 3
13for SP: mdui:UIInfo found but no neither mdui:Logo elementDisplayName nor mdui:Description present3-role3eduGAIN SAML profile Section 3
14this SP does not provide requested attribute specification3-role1left from saml2int - should it be kept?
15Data Protection Code of Conduct declared but no mdui:PrivacyStatementURL found3-role4Violates the CoCo spec
16CoCo declared but md:RequestedAttribute element not found3-role4Violates the CoCo spec
17CoCo declared but mdui:PrivacyStatementURL and md:RequestedAttribute elements not found3-role4Violates the CoCo spec