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Condition Evaluated



the document root element is md:EntitiesDescriptor

[SAMLMeta] sec. 2.3


all required namespaces are declared, that is md, mdrpi, mdui, shibmd

[eduGAIN-profile] sec. 1.3


md:EntitiesDescriptor contains md:Extensions element with mdrpi:PublicationInfo element in which the publisher and creationInstant attributes exist

[eduGAIN-Profile] sec. 3
A4the creationInstant attribute uses the dateTime format required by SAMLMeta and does not point to the future[MDRPI] sec. 2.2.1


validUntil attribute in EntitiesDescriptor element exists, can be converted to a time value and it does not point to the past

[SAML] lines: 348; 316


validUntil attribute with a value not earlier than 120 hours (5 days) and not later than 2304 hours (28 days) after the creationInstant

[eduGAIN-profile] sec. 3


the fetched document schema-validates against following SAML metadata schemas:

list of schemas from Shibboleth Metadata Aggregator configuration


pyFF sources

For each md:EntityDescriptor element the following verification is performed:


  • name is set to

  • validUntil is set 96 120 hours into the future

  • cacheDuration is set to 6h

  • ID is based on the time of its generation and has the format “eduGAIN” followed by the complete UTC date/time value (YYYYMMDDThhmmssZ)


  • a federation metadata feed is unavailable (the corresponding federation feed channel is not responding)

  • a federation metadata feed does not validate correctly

an alert is raised and delivered to the Operational Team. An error status is set on the eduGAIN status page and the cause of the error is displayed in the details section. The remaining cache time is also displayed. The status is also available through the eduGAIN access API, as described on: If the error condition persists reminder messages are sent in the intervals of 6 hours. If the federation metadata feed can be accessed/validated again, a recovery message is delivered to the eduGAIN OT.

During every aggregation run the validUntil timer for each of the federation metadata feeds is performed.

  • If the remaining validity period is below 96 and above 12 hours an alert is raised once a day at 14 hour UTC.
  • If the remaining validity period is below 12 and above 6 hours an alert is raised every second hour.
  • If the remaining validity period is below 6 hours an alert is raised every hour.

. Detailed description of alert procedures is provided on the alerts page.

Detailed technical description


Metadata aggregation is performed with pyFF (currently 0.10.0dev), currently v. 
1.1.2.dev0 is used).

Software updates

Updates to crucial aggregator elements, in particular pyFF, may result in a changed format of resulting metadata aggregate. Any such change will be announced to the eduGAIN SG mailing list. If the OT observes that the update indeed introduces changes to metadata, a beta feed will be created and announced to the SG and a change on the production will be delayed by a two-week testing period. A reminder will be issued a week before the actual change of the production feed.


This document borrows heavily from Ian Young’s