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2.1The comment on the comment (meta comment?) of the GÉANT Board "Describe composition of the OT and profile operators" says: "This has been left purposefully under-specified due to the fluid nature of profile operator undertstanding at the moment. This will be further decsribed in the eduGAIN OP."  Insofar, would it hurt to amend section 2.3 accordingly - informing the reader that composition/appointment etc. of the OP is/will be specified in a separate profile/document?WolfgangAdd a link to the edugain Operational Profile

1.1: Overview
"The eduGAIN service enables Federations to interfederate. The Member Federations primarily serve the authentication and authorisation interests of research and education sectors."

seems identical to

1.2: Goal
"The goal of eduGAIN is to support Identity Federations primarily engaged in research and education by providing a service which enables them to interfederate."

If you want to keep a separate section 1.2 I'd suggest dropping the paragraph from 1.1.

PeterThis makes no substantive difference so a change is not recommended
33. Membership
Nowhere in that document does it state that you have to be a
Member Federation in order to become a Participant Federation, AFAICT.
At least my understanding was that this is 2-stop process: The
first/lower step is becoming a Member Federation. Only Member
Federations then may also become Particpant Federations (by adopting
Tech Profiles).
So maybe change its defintion like this (having added "are Member
Federations" that "additionally") in section 3:

"Participant Federations [are Member Federations] that [additionally]
are actively participating in eduGAIN via the use of a Technology

Alternatively, adding something to 3.3 to that effect would also take
care of this, e.g.:
1. The Federation has joined eduGAIN as a Member Federation
   (renaming all other 3 items +1)

Or maybe simply by changing the first sentence in 3.3 by prefixing it
with "For a Member Federation", so that it becomes:

"[For a Member Federation] the process to become a Participant
Federation in a Technology Profile is as follows:"
PeterThis is defined in the definitions - no change recommended.
3.63.6: Suspension

This section only talks about Participant Federations, even when it's
about policy issues. Does that mean that only Participant Federations
can be suspended or disqualified? I.e., Member Federations cannot do
anything that would change their member status?

Either way, the following sentence is a bit weird then:

"* Announces suspension or disqualification of eduGAIN membership to
all Participant Federations and,"

So it's the "membership" that's being suspended/disqualified, and
that's only communicated to all Participant Federations?

Everything prior in that section is about Participant Federations and
their suspension. And why only communicate the fact that someone was
suspended to all Participant Federations instead of all Member

PeterThis is a leftover from the original document.  Could delete the word "participant" from 10th bullet in section 3.6.
3.6Suspension reasons. The no confidence vote opens a very vague area. I have a problem explaining this to the lawyer since I cannot imagine a reason for suspension which does not result from one of the first three points. Perhaps we do not need such an open and arbitrary possibility for suspension?TomaszThe vagueness is intentional, no change proposed.
3.6Disqualification reasons. Contrary to the title of the section no real reasons except for a vote from the SG is given.TomaszIt's intended to be a possible end results of suspension, so behaviour that has led to suspension that is so bad permanent disqualification is proposed.
3.6Automatic suspension by the OT. I believe this really was meant for technical blocking incoming federation data in cases requiring urgent action. Such a technical action by the OT should not be seen as a suspension. If I misinterpret this  then some guidance would be nice.Tomaszstill see that as suspension.  Anything that causes service outage = suspension.
AllNo governing law is specified. Pointed out by the lawyer as a flaw.TomaszThis is in the Declaration, not the Constitution: "Neither the existence of this declaration, nor the exchange of information enabled by it, shall create any new legal  obligations  or  rights  between  Members  or  operators  of  any  federation.  Members  and  operators  remain 
bound only by their own respective laws and jurisdictions."