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12:45 UTC
14:45 CEST

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?" (see  Connection Details)

13:00 UTC
15:00 CEST

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

13:10 UTC
15:10 CET

Membership Updates and Joining
    • 62 participant members / 5 members / 8 candidates
    • New Members (4)
      • Sri Lanka/LIAF (participating)
      • China/CARSI (participating)
      • Romania/RoEduNetID
      • Saudi Arabia (voting complete?)
    • Candidates Under Assessment (0)
    • New Candidates (0)
13:20 UTC
15:20 CEST

eduGAIN MDS Certificate Rollover

    • Update from the OT on Certificate Expiry (1 July 2019)
    • Suggested changes (short term)
    • Key Signing Ceremony (long term)
13:30 UTC
15:30 CEST

eduGAIN "raising the bar"

Question from SurfConextSURFConext:

"A question about We get quite some warnings
for SP's "md:RequestedAttribute not found" and/or "CoCo declared but md:RequestedAttribute element
not found". But we think it's a feature - it's even better because these SP's only want a NameID,
nothing else."

13:40 UTC
15:40 CEST

eduGAIN SG Chair

    • Announcement of the new SG Chair - 2019 - 2021.
    • eduGAIN Secretariat support
13:50 UTC
15:50 CEST

Future SG Meetings

13:55 UTC
15:55 CEST

Any other business, Summary and Actions

14:00 UTC
16:00 CEST

Meeting Close



Federations in Attendance (



  1. AAF
  3. IDEM
  4. TAAT
  9. DFN-AAI
  10. SURFconext
  11. SWAMID
  12. UK Federation
  13. LIAF
  14. LEAF
  15. RUNNet AAI
  16. CAF
  17. MINGA
  18. COFRe

Attendees (



  1. Brook Schofield, GÉANT
  2. Casper Dreef, GÉANT
  3. Davide Vaghetti, IDEM/GARR
  4. Nicole Harris, GÉANT
  5. Terry Smith, AAF
  6. Jay Ploomipuu, TAAT (in behalf of Sten Aus)
  7. Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi, SIFULAN
  8. Thomas Tomasz Wolniewicz, PIONIER.Id
  9. Donal Coetzee, SAFIRE
  10. Maja Wolniewicz, PIONIER.Id
  11. Wolfgang Pempe, DFN-AAI
  12. Pål Axelsson, SWAMID
  13. Péter Molnar,
  14. Rhys Smith, UK fed
  15. Thalina Pathirana, LIAF
  16. Valentin Pocotilenco, LEAF
  17. Vasiliy PorkhachecPorkhachev, RUNNetAAI
  18. Chris Phillips, CAF
  19. Arnout Terpstra, SURFconext
  20. Claudio Chacón, MINGA
  21. Alejandro Lara, COFRe

Apologies (



  1. Adulmonem Alkharusi, OMREN
  2. Ann West, InCommon
  3. Ferdand De Dekker, Belnet AAI


Discussion on how to deal with members that have been dorman dormant and are now participating. MRPS flagging and revalidation FYI to the SG.

Set 'grace' period, 3-6 months. It should be clear that MRPS must be in place when a federation joins eduGAIN.

  •  Brook Schofieldto alert members that fall into the category of the requirements for re-establishing membership.  

Revalidating changes to policy documents won't be taken on as a task at this point in time.


No candidates currently under assessment.

The vote for Maeen is currently underway and is scheduled to complete next week (Tuesday 2nd).

Of the recent member federations, two (LIAF + CARSI) are providing metadata feeds.


OT to look at statistics on who's using the OLD feed location.

  •  Tomasz Wolniewiczto share statistics on whether the "old" feed has been used and where with the eduGAIN SG list.  

eduGAIN "raising the bar"

The eduGAIN Compliance Issues wiki page has been to be updated and this is an ongoing process.

Baseline expectation initiative by InCommon was discussed during the REFEDS meeting at TNC19. This could be an interesting initiative for eduGAIN too. Try to increase velocity in respect to gather the baseline.

Validator now shows:

  • 3 reds (7 during the REFEDS meeting)
  • 45 yellow

While progress is being made on RED errors the YELLOW warnings that are truely our baseline aren't being corrected.

How long would baseline take to complete? The believe belief by Ann West (based on the time that it took from InCommon) was in the order of 3-5 years.


Set up a Work Group that comes up with recommendations? Promote this at TechEx. Contact Brook for more information on this. Initial discussion on Slack.

CoCo monitor: is it useful if it could alarm the helpdesk.

  •  Nicole Harristo establish a small eduGAIN working group to look at recommendations on next steps for technical and behavioural standards in eduGAIN.  

eduGAIN SG Chair

The eduGAIN Steering Group Chair position that is currently held by Brook Schofield has expired.

Terry Smith, AAF has agreed to be the new SG Chair (2019-2020).

A discussion on Observers from research institutions. They are invited to these meetings. Call for participationinfrastructures was raised at REFEDS. Historically the eduGAIN "Town Hall" was a forum to take wider input. Having SPs or RIs on the eduGAIN SG just to tell us to do better isn't useful and there are many fora for collecting the views of the wider community including REFEDS, FIM4R, FIM4L, FOG, AEGIS, eduGAIN-discuss (and the soon to be SPOG). If there are concrete proposals on who to include that would be useful.

The current observers to the eduGAIN SG will also be flagged to the SG as these positions need to be re-validated.

Future meetings

The next SG meeting was confirmed to take place on Tuesday 17th September 2019 13:00 UTC. Drop in sessions: