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Set 'grace' period, 3-6 months. It should be clear that MRPS must be in place when a federation joins eduGAIN.

  •  Brook Schofieldto alert members that fall into the category of the requirements for re-establishing membership.  


OT to look at statistics on who's using the OLD feed location.

  •  Tomasz Wolniewiczto share statistics on whether the "old" feed has been used and where with the eduGAIN SG list.  


CoCo monitor: is it useful if it could alarm the helpdesk.

  •  Nicole Harristo establish a small eduGAIN working group to look at recommendations on next steps for technical and behavioural standards in eduGAIN.  


Terry Smith, AAF has agreed to be the new SG Chair (2019-2020).

A discussion on Observers from research infrastructures was raised at REFEDS. Historically the eduGAIN "Town Hall" was a forum to take wider input. Having SPs or RIs on the eduGAIN SG just to tell us to do better isn't useful and there are many fora for collecting the views of the wider community including REFEDS, FIM4R, FIM4L, FOG, AEGIS, eduGAIN-discuss (and the soon to be SPOG). If there are concrete proposals on who to include that would be useful.

The current observers to the eduGAIN SG will also be flagged to the SG as these positions need to be re-validated.