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Currently we are just listing the current validator warnings, those marked as red are actually specification errors and should be upgraded to validator errors.

Global warnings

Signing certificate expired

Warnings on entity level

md:EmailAddress in md:ContactPerson element should start with mailto: prefixThis violates line 495 of and should be considered an error!

SIRTFI attribute present and security contact found but no contactType

SIRTFI specification error

assurance-certification entity attribute is defined, but no appropriate md:ContactPerson set

shibmd:Scope with no regexp attribute

mdattr:EntityAttributes placed in md:Extensions element of SPSSODescriptor/IDPSSODescriptor, expected in  md:Extensions element of EntityDescriptor

mdrpi:RegistrationPolicy not found

mdrpi:RegistrationInfo element defined more than once within a given md:Extensions element

This violates section 2.1 therefore should be an error

mdattr:EntityAttributes element contains saml:AttributeValue with leading/trailing whitespaces

mdattr:EntityAttributes element appears more than once within a given md:Extensions element 

Warnings on entity’s role level

mdui:PrivacyStatementURL does not start with http:// https://

Data Protection Code of Conduct declared but no mdui:PrivacyStatementURL foundViolates the CoCo spec
mdui:GeolocationHint should start with geo: prefixviolation of section 2.2.4 should be an error
mdui:UIInfo not found, no mdui:DisplayName and mdui:Description present
mdui:UIInfo with mdui:DisplayName found but mdui:Description not present
mdui:UIInfo found but mdui:DisplayName not present
mdui:UIInfo found but neither mdui:DisplayName nor mdui:Description present
mdui:UIInfo found but no mdui:Logo element
this SP does not provide requested attribute specification
CoCo declared but md:RequestedAttribute element not found
CoCo declared but mdui:PrivacyStatementURL and md:RequestedAttribute elements not found