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eduGAIN OT supervises ...

eduGAIN services

Core services

Under the term services listed are utilities as perceived by external users. The internal organisation of services, flow of information and dependencies are not important in this view, but are described in sections further down.

Core Services

NameAccess locationDescription
MDShttps://mds.edugain.orgeduGAIN Metadata Distribution Service (MDS) is the central component of the eduGAIN service as a whole. For the  detailed description and procedures used in the eduGAIN metadata aggregate distributed by MDS see [eduGAIN-meta]. The eduGAIN metadata aggregate is produced on a separate, secured host (mds-feed) and it is copied to the distribution hosts and served form there by the http server. The file is updated hourly.
The technical sitehttps://technical.edugain.orgThe technical site directed primarily at the federation level personel. It provides information about eduGAIN members, details about their participation. The technical site is also the distribution point of documentation and home for several core and supplementary services.
Validatorhttps://validator.edugain.orgThe eduGAIN validator is a service designed for validating metadata adherence. The software has been created primarily as a component of the eduGAIN metadata aggregation and the details of validation rules are given im [eduGAIN-meta]. The same software enriched by a GUI is used a a tool form manual validation of metadata and serves as a support tool for federation operators.
eduGAIN status information status page provides a view of the eduGAIN database in the part relevant to membership information and to current status of metadata aggregation. The page also displays short summary information about numbers of entities in eduGAIN. The interface provides links to scans of the eduGAIN declaration signed by federations, direct links to metadata validation
Entities database GUI service is an interface to the part of the eduGAIN database which stores information about entities themselves. The interface has many filtering mechanisms and also allows for CSV download for further processing in a spreadsheet.
eduGAIN database API API provides access to most of information stored in the database. In particular, the API may be used by the federations to monitor the eduGAIN aggregation process. Other uses are statistics of various sorts or even download membership maps.