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NextCloud is a web-based document management service. Documents can be uploaded and downloaded via a web interface, or synchronised with local files. Files can be shared with other users. NextCloud was recently forked from OwnCloud. They remain very similar, but NextCloud offers new built-in federated access features using SAML in its free version. We used NextCloud's free edition in this pilot, but the commercially supported edition of OwnCloud may be used in a similar way.

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Collabora Online - LibreOffice for the web

Collabora Online is new software that allows the LibreOffice/OpenOffice office suite to run as a shared web application. Most of the desktop LibreOffice's functionality is available to users in a web page, with the added feature of simultaneous collaborative editing - users can work on the same document at the same time.

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Integrating NextCloud and Collabora Online


NextCloud needs a means of handling its own authentication. Two options are currently available for federated authentication: a built-in SAML SP, and a external SSO option that relies on the web server handling authentication.


Built-In SAML

NextCloud's SAML implementation is currently rather limited, and only supports one IdP. This means that a proxy IdP would be needed to provide fully federated access to users.


Demonstration 2: External authentication (SAML) plus LDAP



Demonstration 3: Integrated SAML with a federated IdP Proxy