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Condition Evaluated



md:IDPSSODescriptor element must have a signing certificate (ds:KeyDescriptor/ds:KeyInfo/ds:X509Data/ds:X509Certificate)


if md:Extentions element with md:UIInfo exists:

  • mdui:Keywords, mdui:DisplayName, mdui:Description elements if declared must not be empty

  • mdui:Logo element if is declared must have a value starting with one of: http://, https:// or data:image

  • mdui:PrivacyStatementURL element if declared must have value starting with http:// or https://

[MDUI] sec. 2.1, [SAML] sec.1.3.1, [SAML] sec.1.3.2


if md:Extentions element with md:DiscoHints exist:

  • mdui:IPHint, mdui:DomainHint, mdui:GeolocationHint elements if declared must not be empty

  • mdui:GeolocationHint element if declared must not be empty and must start with geo: prefix

[MDUI] sec.2.2, [SAML] sec.1.3.1, [SAML] sec .1.3.2, RFC5870 (for geo)
R4md:ServiceName element within md:AttributeConsumingService is not emptySAMLMeta, SAML 1.3.1
R5md:AssertionConsumerService element Binding attribute does not contain urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-Redirect[SAMLProf] sec. 4.1.2 line 424

md:DiscoveryResponse element Binding attribute contains the value

[IdPDisco] sec.2.5
R7indexes in md:DiscoveryResponse, md:AssertionConsumerService, md:AttributeConsuminService are unique[SAMLMeta] sec.2.2.3