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  1. What does mean the color assigned to my my IdP?
    See the Status and Results table
  2. Why my IdP gets UNKNOWN(yellow) status with 3 OK?
    The problem seems to be that the IdP accepting the metadata of SP-s not included in eduGAIN.
  3. Where I can raise an issue or a request on the ECCS service's code?
    Directly on the GitLab Repository.

Usage statistics


  1. eccs_gui_api_stats.csv: Statistics regarding the ECCS User Interface API
  2. eccs_new_api_stats.csv: Statistics regarding the ECCS WEB API
  3. eccs_old_api_stats.csv: Statistics regarding the previous version of ECCS WEB API
  4. eccs_wrong_api_stats.csv: Statistics regarding the wrong requests to the ECCS WEB API
  5. eccs_usage_stats.tar.gz: All usage statistics files