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titleDataplane addition made easy

This design is pretty unique because, if for any reason you would like to "hook" freeRouter control plane to an other dataplane such as:

  • FPGA
  • or dataplane powered by kernel bypass technique such as RDMA
  • Or other NPU based dataplane
  • etc.

This is possible !

You would "just" have to port your P4 code logic into the target dataplane and create an interface able to translate API messages from FreeRouter into understandable message from the target dataplane.

titleBe cautious with the word "just"

The "just" word can be misleading. Indeed, depending on the target dataplane, it can be a huge task. With DPDK, we were luck lucky in getting enough material in order to move forward and again p4dpdk.bin was a simple trial at the very beginning. But some other dataplane can just be simply be ignored if we don't get enough material/support from NPU vendors.