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CodeConditionKnow Operational IssuesPossible actions
  • an upstream metadata feed from an identity federation contains a CR as a literal character reference ("
"  or "&#xD")
  • the feed is aggregated as is in the eduGAIN metadata
  • another identity federation pick up the eduGAIN metadata and republish it to their own parties leaving untouched the CR

(2016) Relying parties not able to validate the metadata

(2019-08-21) .NET based signature validation fails  (ADFSToolkit and other Powershell aggregate handlers impacted) - signaled by InCommon member to ADFSToolkit team via ADFSToolkit issue tracker , escalated and resolved by InCommon support. 

(2020) .NET based signature validation fails (ADFSToolkit and  other Powershell aggregate handlers not able to validate the metadata)

  • Warn and remedy by the Identity Federation responsible for the feed
  • Reject the upstream feed containing the CR

2020-10-15 side note on Code CR from Chris Phillips:

This .Net parsing issue was seen Sept 2019 and was submitted to the Microsoft Security Center ( on Sept 12, 2019. Including a full test harness with fabricated data illustrating the failure with the following description upon submission:

User entered data could trigger improper XML validation and thus improper failure in validating trust in properly signed XML documents wherever .net/powershell library is used

MSRC assigned a tracking #VULN-009799 to the submission at the time. A reply by MSRC came October 28,2019 to Chris Phillips after MSRC completed their assessment and said:

"The engineering team has finished their investigation and determined it does not meet the bar for servicing. They were not able to determine a situation where this would be exploitable, and at worst the system returns a 'not valid' response when it should return 'valid' meaning it's failing in a more secure direction."