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titleChoose 'Service Provider' only

Important during Pilot phase: Please only select "New Organisation" and only "Service Provider". (Rationale: it is expected that post-Pilot, Managed IdP and Managed SP will share the same deployment, making both options selectable. During the pilot however, the Managed IdP functionality is defunct and should not be used nor exposed to organisations.)

titleDo not enable "OpenRoaming: Allow organisation Opt-In"

Important during Pilot phase: the deployment has an NRO-level option to enable OpenRoaming: "OpenRoaming: Allow organisation Opt-In". This is a future feature which is not completely implemented. As an NRO admin, please do not enable this setting.

This is all you have to do. The organisation's administrator will now get the sign-up token by email and can start using eduroam Managed SP. For reference, the invitation mail looks like this (click to enlarge):