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It is not clear who the juristic person of record is or which court has jurisdiction. Reading between the lines, it seems as if this is the Ubuntnet Alliance and thus the Republic of Malawi. It would be useful if 6.3 recorded this unambiguously. (Particularly given section 3 of the MRPS references a contractual relationship with this entity.)

2Policy4The eligibility criteria for IdPs are very broad and effectively include all countries in the world. It might make sense to limit it to entities with a legal presence in any country in Africa. (Conversely, I would not want to limit SP eligibility in the same way.)Guy / SAFIRE
3MRPS4The example registrationAuthority should be updated to reflect the one that will actually be used.


4MRPSreferencesThere's a URL showing as https://www.[AFRICAN-CATCH-ALL]/... which points to the eduID.ng policy.Guy / SAFIRE