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Table of Contents

eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

24th May 07:00 UTC: In your time zone


06:45 UTC

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?"

07:00 UTC

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Terry Smith, AAF, Chair
07:05 UTC

Membership Updates and Joining

Casper Dreef, Secretariat
07:20 UTC

Team Updates

  • Operations Team
  • Support Team
  • F-Ticks
  • Business development
  • Security team

Davide Vaghetti, IDEM, Service owner


07:40 UTC

Working Groups update


08:10 UTCAny other business
08:25 UTC

Future SG meetings, Summary and Actions

08:30 UTC

Meeting Close

Connection Details


Federations in Attendance (xx)

  1. UK Federation (United Kingdom)
  2. SWITCHAAI (Switzerland)
  3. (Poland)
  4. SWAMID (Sweden)
  5. IDEM (Italy)
  6. AAI@EduHR (Croatia)
  7. RiçercaNET IF (Malta)
  8. SAFIRE (South-Africa)
  9. LEAF (Moldova)
  10. GRNET (Greece)
  11. SIR (Spain)
  12. AAIEduMK (North-Macedonia)
  13. CIF (Cyprus)
  14. AAF (Australia)
  15. (Czech Republic)
  16. GakuNin (Japan)

Attendees (xx)

  1. Alex Stuart (UK Federation)
  2. Thomas Baerecke (SWITCHAAI)
  3. Nicole Harris (GÉANT)
  4. Maja Górecka-Wolniewicz (
  5. Casper Dreef (GÉANT)
  6. Pål Axelsson (SWAMID)
  7. Davide Vaghetti (IDEM)
  8. Mijo Derek (AAI@EduHR)
  9. Daniel Muscat (Riçercanet IF)
  10. Donald Coetzee (SAFIRE)
  11. Guy Halse (SAFIRE)
  12. Tomasz Wolniewicz (
  13. Valentin Pocotilenco (LEAF)
  14. Halil Adem (GRNET)
  15. Jose Maria Maciás (SIR)
  16. Boro Jakimovski (AAIEduMK)
  17. Dubravko Penezic (AAI@EduHR
  18. Aristos Anastasiou (CIF)
  19. Terry Smith (AAF)
  20. Jan Oppolzer (
  21. Eisaku Sakane (GakuNin)

Apologies (xx)

  1. János Mohácsi (
  2. Wolfgang Pempe (DFN-AAI)


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Minutes of the previous meeting - eduGAIN SG - March 2022

Open actions

Membership Updates and Joining


  • FIEL, RedClara
  • ThaiREN Identity Federation, Thailand


  • iAMRES, Serbia
  •, African catch-all federation
  • AzScienceNet, Azerbaijan 
  • RaFiKi, Kenia

Updated eduGAIN New Candidate Process

Suspended Members:

  • MATE, Argentina
  • CAFMoz, Mozambique - update


Guy: Ubuntunet conference in September.

Team Updates

Operation team:

Business as usual.
Funny behaviour for FEDURUS. They refresh MD and shut down regularly.

Document link testing. Add downtime. Some federations never had their documents up.

HSM signing runs smoothly.


DFN-CERT members have now been onboarding. Working on threats and venerabilities.
Communication challange for SIRTFI contacts. The team will contact the entities directly. Before the team will either contact the eduGAIN members first or make the communication challenge a choice of each member.
We could organise a dedicated WG meeting around this.

eduGAIN Working Groups: Futures



Nicole presented a draft of the white paper. The secretariat is planning a full presentation at the REFEDS meeting at TNC22. Remote participation is also possible.

Any other business

It was confirmed that Peter Brand informed the community about his name change.

Future SG Meetings, Summary and Actions

Future SG meetings 2022:

#1 - 22th March 12:00 UTC