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Mandate of the SCIV2-WG

The SCI group, in its version 1 document, defined best practices, trust and policy standards for collaboration with the aim of managing cross-infrastructure operational security risks.


Most of the work will be performed by teleconference and/or email discussion. Face to face meetings will be organised only when necessary and where possible.



  1. Self-assessments of Infrastructures against Sections 4 (Operational Security) and 5 (Incident Response) in SCI version 1 as a way of deciding what guidance is needed and what words need to be changed. (completed)
  2. Produce draft guidelines for sections 4 and 5. (all topics considered and questions discussed before WISE2 at XSEDE)
  3. Tune words of sections 4 and 5. (before WISE3 at DI4R)
  4. Move on to other sections. (after WISE3 at DI4R)
  5. Aim for version 2 of the SCI document by the 12-month anniversary of the group (May 2017)
  6. After version 2 produced consider merging text with Sirtfi and Snctfi work (AARC and REFEDS)