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Mandate of the SCIV2-WG

The SCI group, in its version 1 document, defined best practices, trust and policy standards for collaboration with the aim of managing cross-infrastructure operational security risks.

The SCIV2 working group of WISE will work towards version 2 of the SCI document. The updated document will be aimed at a wider range of stakeholders, including the national research and education networking organisations (NRENs). We will also include input from lessons learned from the existing security policies and practices of new members. Any conflicts for new members that are present in version 1 will also be addressed.

SCIV2-WG is not an operational security/trust group. We are not competing with any existing operational security trust activity and will seek feedback from such groups on our work.

Like its predecessor, version 2 will continue to aim to specify general requirements rather than specific detailed recommendations. The primary aim is to enable trust to be established quickly with a new infrastructure. Self-assessment of existing members is very useful but a secondary aim.

The deliverables of the working group will also include a guidance document giving specific recommendations on the assessment of infrastructures against the SCI requirements.

After version 2 has been produced we may then move on to seeing if merging the new document with the REFEDS and AARC derived documents (Sirtfi and Snctfi) is possible and desirable.

Most of the work will be performed by teleconference and/or email discussion. Face to face meetings will be organised only when necessary and where possible.


  1. Self-assessments of Infrastructures against Sections 4 (Operational Security) and 5 (Incident Response) in SCI version 1 as a way of deciding what guidance is needed and what words need to be changed. (completed)
  2. Produce draft guidelines for sections 4 and 5. (all topics considered and questions discussed before WISE2 at XSEDE)
  3. Tune words of sections 4 and 5. (before WISE3 at DI4R)
  4. Move on to other sections. (after WISE3 at DI4R)
  5. Aim for version 2 of the SCI document by the 12-month anniversary of the group (May 2017)
  6. After version 2 produced consider merging text with Sirtfi and Snctfi work (AARC and REFEDS)

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