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Comment: note about 3rd-party cookies



The DSX Discovery Service (formerly known as eduTEAMS Discovery Service) allows services to implement an (embedded) Identity Provider discovery.

Currently, the service is in a pilot phase, therefore some aspects of the service still may change.

This section contains functional and technical documentation on how to use the discovery service if you are a administrator of a service.

titleEmbedded DSX requires Third-Party Cookies for a proper User Experience

Note that using the DSX in embedded mode is only more user-friendly if the web browser is set to accept so-called third-party cookies (i.e., HTTP Cookies set and read by sites other than the one they are visiting). With web browsers configured to block third-party cookies – which is already the default behaviour for Firefox and Safari, with Chrome to follow – an embedded DSX will never remember the selected IDP and it will never show a previously selected IDP. Forcing a subject to select their IDP again from scratch, every time they try to log in to a service using the DSX in embedded mode, is in fact very user-friendly.

Shibboleth SP

In this example we first configure the DSX Discovery Service to be used by the default Shibboleth login handler.