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All participating member federations in eduGAIN will produce and consume SAML metadata for and from eduGAIN. In particular, this metadata flow works like this:

  • IdP/SP operator from a federation
    • decides to opt-in for eduGAIN
  • Federation operator resp. federation metadata registry
    • adds the entity's metadata to the upstream federation metadata (1)
  • eduGAIN MDS
    • aggregates & validates upstream metadata delivered by the participating federations.
    • Then signs and republishes the gathered metadata for consumption by the member federations (2)
    • Individual SPs and IdPs should not consume the eduGAIN metadata directly. It is rather recommended that they consume the eduGAIN/interfederation metadata offered by their local federation.
  • Federation metadata registry
  • IdP/SP operator
    • ensures that the entity consumes the interfederation metadata (re)distributed by the local federation (3)

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