SimpleSAMLphp  IDP/SP proxy for LIbrary Consortia

The second library pilot has focused in setting up and IDP/SP proxy for providing Library Consortia, dealing with contracts with editors often at a collective, national scale, with a tool capable of answering their needs.

The main goal of this pilot has been to showcase the benefits for a library consortium, namely HEAL-Link, to join a federation as an IdP/SP proxy. These benefits include:

  • allowing publisher contracts to be managed centrally by the consortium

  • easier to implement and manage than establishing trust relationships among IdPs and SPs (either bilateral or through a federation)

  • the consortium will retain control on the branding and policies

  • disconnecting the establishment of technical trust between the IdP and SP entities from the application of policies relating to contracts (publisher subscriptions etc.)

  • more precise and easier to produce statistics

  • Integrate with the other library pilot activities in order to investigate the possibilities in the proxy model to address library requirements relating to the use of:

    • guest identities

    • mixed federated and IP-based access

Overall, the following figure shows the architectural components provided by this pilot, with respect to the blueprint architecture as defined by AARC JRA1:

Figure 7:  Architectural components implemented by Library pilot n.2 (IDP/SP proxy for Consortia)

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