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Wednesday 13 May - Thursday 14 May

Yerevan, Armenia

"How to retain talent?" and "How to develop a competitive service portfolio?" - these two questions are key to the sustainability of national research and education networks (NRENs).

The EU-funded Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project tackles these questions with a view to raising awareness and to ensuring the long-term sustainability of NRENs. In this workshop, we will approach these topics with innovative concepts and methodologies, such as Design Thinking.

The first day of the workshop will explore "How to retain talent". We will hear testimonials from NREN employees, investigate how NRENs can attract and keep staff with the right skills and qualities, and we will discuss ways NRENs can become a desirable place to work.

The second and third day of the workshop will challenge participants with the question of how to develop a competitive NREN service portfolio. Using Design Thinking as our methodology we will run several ‘design sprints’. By the end of the event, participants will understand a user-oriented approach to solving problems, and will have applied this methodology to a burning question.

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