Recently the NMaaS offer was enhanced with applications that support two of GÉANT’s other production services, namely perfSONAR and WiFiMon. Both of the services rely on a subset of components deployed centrally such as a measurement archive or visualisation dashboard.

As of today, perfSONAR users can easily run applications like pSConfig Web Admin, Esmond or MaDDash in the NMaaS cloud rather than deploy them manually on their own infrastructure; They can then focus solely on the installation and management of their perfSONAR measurement points. Similarly, users willing to use WiFiMon capabilities are welcome to deploy the central processing and visualisation components of WiFiMon (the processing engine, ELK infrastructure and user interface) using NMaaS.

Apart from the applications mentioned above,  other tools have  also been integrated in the last few months based on user feedback and NREN community interest; these include ELK Stack, InfluxDB and Jenkins.

Contact us at to start monitoring your equipment with tools offered by NMaaS or to share your own custom tools with the community via the NMaaS marketplace.

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