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  • SUNET - Swedish University computer Network (Swedish NREN)
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Feature requests

Version 7.5
  1. F006G - User defined user role
  2. F011G - Better text editing features in Note Pod
  3. F012G - Individual views
  4. F015G - Export of recordings and metadata to FMS server or other mediacontent servers
  5. F017G - Support for more file formats in Share Pod
  6. F026G - Number the order in which hands are raised

Bug reports


October 3, 2011
Universities: 34
Total Users: 20 106
Total Hosts: 5 728
Distinct Meeting Rooms: 16 203

Peak concurrent users: 596
Average: 266
Peak Concurrent meeting room: 206


Production server
900 concurrent users
2 servers + 1 fail over
Software load balancing
Version 8.1.2

Test server #1
5 concurrent users
Version 8.1.2

Test server #2
Version 8.1.2


2 Dell PowerEdge R710, 2 core processors, 32 G RAM
Shared disk



Johnny Widén,
Markus Schneider,
Leif Johansson,

List of feature requests and bug reports in working progress

Bugs version 8.1.2 (reported to Adobe)
  • Audio devices are not detected correctly
  • In connect 8 Presenters can no longer maximise a pod.
  • 100 % mic input volume issue for 7.5 users when using version 8
  • Flash Player and add-in won't work for Mac OS10.7 Lion
  • Toggling mic button causes delay ( 10-30 sec) with more than 10-15 attendees
  • User reports that starting AC gives blank  screen, i.e. no pods
  • Instable flash - resize of pods stops working smoothly,
  • Instable flash - returning from breakout rooms creates delays with 15-20 praticipants in rooms
  • Unexpected stops of connect - users get thrown out
  • Memory leakage causing various problems with sluggisness, fuzzy audio problems (x cannot hear y but z in a meeting)
Feature requests
  • Audio (mic and speakers) should be designed in an easier, more self-explaining and reliable way, ex. skype
  • Build-in context sensitive help functions/windows that explain difficult to grasp features as screen sharing, ex webex
  • Bandwith and cpu sensitivity should be easily detectable and generate action oriented user notification, ex meeting test option that generates reliable meeting design options
  • Indicate buffering when playing back recordings
  • Collaborative writing (notes) should allow for multiple part editing and sync option
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