Date and time: 2nd March 10:00 – 11:30 CET


Target audience: MarComms / Public Affairs people

The lecturer: Mrs Mechthild Bülow, which most of you will know from the Public Affairs Workshop we organised 2019 in Berlin.  She has a long history of working in Public Affairs with the EC , International Organisations and the German Government.

Workshop description:

Do politicians see your field of scientifc research as controversial? Do your administrations adopt different perspectives? Are decision-makers perhaps reluctant to fund your projects? Do you need to advocate for your position more actively?

If your answer is Yes to most of these questions, you need a Position Paper.

This 90 min-webinar with question and answer sessions shows you how to do it, in 4 steps:

  1. Find the best way into politics: What decision-makers want and need from scientists.
  2. Communicate complex issues: The Position Paper from start to finish.
  3. Write compelling arguments, for written and verbal reports.
  4. Deal effectively with objection or rejection from the other side.


The second part of the seminar in May / June will have its focus on the actual writing of the position paper and will include peer-to-peer discussions of the own use case, as well as in-depth guidance from the lecturer.

Before the event: To allow the lecturer to best prepare for the seminar, participants are invited to submit their Questions and a short CV prior to the seminar.
Please send CV and questions to Leonie Schäfer  <> who will forward the documents to the trainer.

Please REGISTER at

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