This Program is a new 2015 addition to the Learning & Development Portfolio. It meets needs outlined in the GN4 Strategy 2014-2020 to develop human capital through ‘providing training in the management of geographically distributed teams’ and ‘sharing best practice amongst partners’, in relation to managing people, running effective team meetings, managing performance, coaching and motivation.

Program Aim

To enhance the skills and knowledge of AL’s and TL’s in order to strengthen the communication and project management within our teams, leading to greater levels of efficiency, effectiveness and motivation. It also aims to build even stronger relationships across the community and encourage a coaching culture and the sharing of best practices in relation to managing people, running effective team meetings, managing performance, coaching and motivation.


Four Groups of 6 people, follow a structured program, comprising 4 events, which extends over 16 weeks.

In between each event you apply your learnings back into your routine work and there is an optional 360’ Questionnaire about how Virtual Meetings are perceived in your team/group.

Program Overview

Face to Face Workshop (Session 3) Programme

Day 1: 09.00 – 17.30 CEST (Group Dinner in the evening)

Day 2 09.00 – 15.30 CEST

Funding to attend Session 3

Please note: As long as you are an official GEANT Project Partner, NA1 T7 (Training) will cover your travel and accommodation expenses to attend this face to face event. These costs should be claimed through the normal channels in the monthly cost claims, marked as 'NA1T7MPIVIT' if possible. We cannot cover the manpower (hours) to attend the event, so you should get the agreement of your Activity Leader for this element. The cost indications below are the approximate amounts we have budgeted per person for this, so if you feel you will have an issue with that please contact us.

Hotel: 150 (per night)

Flight: 250 (return)


You need to register for all four sessions of the full programme separately, so choose one session from each column in the table below. As they are filled up, we will mark them as full. There are a maximum 6 places per session.

TIP: Hold CTRL (or CMD) down when you click to open the registration pages in a new browser window).

Session 1 (online)Session 2 (Online)Session 3 (F2F)Session 4 (Online)
Sept 1, 15:00 - 16:30 CEST (Register)Oct 6, 15:00 - 16:00 CEST (Full) Dec 1, 15:00 - 16:00 CEST (Register)
Sept 2,15:00 - 16:30 CEST (Full)Oct 7, 15:00 - 16:00 CEST (Full)Nov 3-4 (Register)Dec 2,15:00 - 16:00 CEST (Register)
Sept 3,11.30 - 13.00 CEST (Register)Oct 8, 11.30 - 12.30 CEST (Full) Dec 3,11.30 - 12.30 CEST (Full)
Sept 3, 15:00 - 16.30 CEST (Full)Oct 8, 15:00 - 16.00 CEST (Full)Nov 5-6 (Register)Dec 3, 15:00 - 16.00 CEST (Full)


* We strongly suggest that you remain in the same group (row) if possible, but its not compulsory. Contact us if this is not possible or something changes.


There are some materials which will be made available during Session 1, but you can also grab them now so you can do some pre-reading.

The GÉANT Virtual Team Meetings Best Practice Guide is an A4 printable document which goes into some detail about things to think about when you are organising or facilitating Virtual Team Meetings.

The GÉANT Virtual Team Meetings BPG Workaid (pdf) is a one page A5 table top work aid, a checklist of things to consider when organising Virtual Team Meetings.

The MPiViT Survey Results (pdf) is a round up of the results from our pre-course survey, where we asked the community for their feedback on how Virtual Team Meetings are run today.

The Team Communication Plan Top Tips Guide (pdf) is a short version of highlights of things to consider when creating your Team Communication Plan (TCP)

MPiViT-360Q-handout.pdf  is a one page overview of what a 360 degree questionnaire is all about.

Team Communication Plan exemplars

Example Files: MPiViT-TCP-example-welcome.docx

Example Files: MPiViT-TCP-meeting-invite.docx

Example Files: MPiViT-TCP-meeting-notes-and-actions.docx

Other Conference are rooms available

A login is required to access these rooms, this list is currently on the GN3plus Intranet, the GN4 version is being updated currently. These Adobe Connect rooms are open for general use for GÉANT Participants.


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