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What is in and out of scope?

We decided at the kick-off meeting on 4 May 2016 that activities related to the handling of software security vulnerabilities are out of scope. (DaveK)

Discussion during SCIV2-WG meeting on 13 May 2016

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    I'm new to the group so I guess i'm missing the scope of the work and what we are exactly trying to achieve.

    As I don't see it in black and white colors, I believe there should be different trust levels where later we  (or other working groups) can decide what can be shared under each level. 

    I'm missing in V1 of the document the compliance with EU privacy regulations or similar that may allow collaboration and sharing of PI data.

    Also membership in well known organizations, e.g. FIRST, may also provide some Trust credit points, hence should be considered in the new version.