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This Task delivers developments focused on serving e-Research and service providers. These developments typically enhance eduGAIN or provide an additional layer of functionality above eduGAIN.

It aims to develop services that integrate with and enhance eduGAIN specifically for the more complex requirements of research communities and the differing trust models of industry providers, enabling a more sophisticated use of federated identity.

Key objectives

The key objectives of Task 2 are:

T2.1 eduGAIN Support Manuals

  • In coordination with GÉANT Association and AARC, develop a model to enable GÉANT to combine NREN and federation support into a virtual “competence centre” to deliver expertise and support for concrete e-Science service deliveries on an ongoing basis and to collaborate with other similar teams in other e-infrastructures for integrated delivery.

    • Facilitate the integration of federation experts on a case-by-case basis for service delivery.
    • Provide a framework under which these support cases can be handled.
  • Where AARC and other appropriate projects base their developments on GÉANT infrastructure, advise and support them in their pilots.

T2.2 InAcademia

  • Complete the pilot of InAcademia that commenced in GN4-1. Hand over to Operations together with an account management facility within GÉANT Association, including financial processes.

T2.3 Service Provider Simplified Registration to eduGAIN (SSPRP)

  • Complete the pilot of simplified registration to eduGAIN that commenced in GN4-1. Hand over to eduGAIN Operations.

T2.4 (Identity) Assurance Service

  • Develop an operational model within eduGAIN to support assurance profiles for e-Research recommended by AARC. This will include investigating delivery models such as step-up, aggregation or reuse of NREN assurance services, and use of other systems such as eIDAS where applicable; recommending one or two preferred approaches; preparing the cost-benefit analysis; and proceeding to design, development and pilot..

T2.5 Virtual Organisation Platform Service Development (VOPaaS)

  • Complete the pilot of Basic (Phase 1) service with basic group and attribute management, and transition to production.

  • Support AARC/AARC2 pilots that are using VO platform and may have advanced needs beyond the scope of the Phase 1 production service.

  • Collaborate with AARC/AARC2 to identify complex use cases with platform innovation aspects.

  • Develop and implement Advanced version of VO platform, including complex use cases.

T2.6 IdP Discovery Service

  • Get eduTEAMS Discovery Service (via CESNET) up and running
  • Work on RA21 Discovery Service recommendations

Other work items and tools

  • eduGAIN Access Check: Currently operated by RENATER
  • eduGAIN Connectivity Check: Operated by SA2
  • eduGAIN isFederated Check: Operated by SA2
  • eduGAIN Attribute Release Check: Currently in beta
  • eduGAIN Historical Statistics: Work in progress

Deliverables and Milestones:

GREY  M9.1 e-Science support Business Case/Cost–Benefit Analysis, M6 (October 2016)

GREY  D9.2 Virtual Organisation Platform Phase Two Service Specification, M15 (July 2017)

GREY  M9.5 InAcademia Pilot review, M21 (January 2018)

GREY  M9.7 VO Platform Advanced Services Pilot, M25 (May 2018)

Work Allocation

Who is working on the five work packages listed above as well as a few smaller tools and services, is listed in the RASP work allocation document.

Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists exist to get in touch with the task.



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