There is an opportunity to get together to share ideas, experiences and best practices on 2 June 2017, when there will be a joint meeting of SIG-Marcomms (formerly TF-CPR) and the Global PR Network in Linz, Austria, immediately following this year's networking conference, TNC17.


The venue is:

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This is the final agenda.
If there's anything you think we've missed and you have ideas for topics for future meetings, please contact or add them into the agenda suggestions page.

09:00-09:10ARRIVALS & EMAILS   
09:00-09:30Welcome & round of introductions & 'homework' feedback on TNC highlightsLonneke Walk (SURFnet - chair SIG-Marcomms)  
09:30-09:35Updates on SIG-Marcomms & Global PR Network activities since TNC16Laura Durnford & Helga Spitaler (GÉANT) Laura's slides 
09:35-09:55Because we're worth it: making the case for REANNZKim Partridge (REANNZ, New Zealand) via VC Kim's slides 
09:55-10:30InTheField BoF reportJane Gifford (AARNet, Australia), Ela Lenzi (CANARIE), ARne Vollertsen (NORDUnet), Helga Spitaler (GÉANT)  
10:30-10:50COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS (available 10:30-11:00)   
10:50-11:10SingAREN – Be in TouchBin Lay Ong (SingAREN, Singapore) Bin Lay's slides 
11:10-11:20RESTENA's anniversary and management changesCynthia Wagner (RESTENA, Luxembourg) Cynthia's slides (pdf) 
11:20-12:35Flipped Panel - Focus on the Eastern Partnership regionLaura Durnford (GÉANT) with Andrey Novosad (UIIP NASB - BASNET, Belarus), Volodymyr Galagan (URAN, Ukraine - via VC) Sergey Abrahamyan (ASNET-AM, Armenia) and David Tabatadze (GRENA, Georgia) Laura's slides 
12:35-12:50Open Space - super fast show off time!

12:50-13:40LUNCH AND EMAILS (available 12:30-14:00)   
13:40-14:20Regional network communications updates
CAREN (Central Asia)
PR challenges and opportunities around the Asi@Connect project

Arianna Akmatova (CAREN)

Eunjin Hu (TEIN*CC, Asia Pacific)

Arianna's slides

and video

Eunjin's slides

14:20-15:20Review of TNC highlights (from intro round) - breakout discussion to identify possible actions   
15:20- 15:40RENATA's updated marketing and communications strategyCamilo Ocaziónez (RENATA, Colombia)Camilo's slides
15:40-15:45Meeting wrap up, feedback survey & goodbye! Lonneke  
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