Table of Contents

Registering as a new user on the eduTEAMS ServiceAllThis document describes the steps that a new user has to take in order to register on the eduTEAMS Service
Requesting a new Virtual OrganizationVO ManagersThis document describes the steps for requesting a new Virtual Organization on the eduTEAMS Service
Inviting users to your Virtual OrganizationVO ManagersThis document is for VO Managers who want to start inviting users to their Virtual Organization
Approving VO requestsVO ManagersThis document describes how a VO Manager can manage VO application requests from users
Creating groups and adding membersGroup Managers
VO Managers
This document describes how a VO or a Group Manager can create groups in a Virtual Organization and how they can organise the users in these groups
Registering services on the eduTEAMS Service

Relying Parties

VO Managers

This document describes how a registered user on the eduTEAMS Service can request a new Service Provider to be connected
Attributes available to Relying Parties

Relying Parties

VO Manager

This document describes the list SAML attributes and OIDC claims that are available to relying parties by the eduTEAMS Service