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2016-06-17, Prague


TNC2016, 2016 June 12-17 https://tnc16.geant.org




AARC Training: Defining a training module for scalable attribute release in federation and interfederation’ workshop 

AARC project team will seek feedback on a proposed training package to support Identity Providers in the attribute release process. 

*About the training*

Federated access is an essential mechanism for efficient, safe and secure access to shared resources and services. Identity federations ensure that federated access runs smoothly and seamlessly for theuser. To make this happen federation operators facilitate collaboration between multiple parties and, in this work, face many challenges. One of these challenges concerns adopting best practices and offering tools to help home institutions to efficiently manage attribute release.
The AARC training module on attribute release aims to address this challenge.

The training aims to provide a common approach for IdPs to implement an effective and legally compliant attribute release. The proposed module is built upon the REFEDS Entity Categories approach and a set of best practices coming from experienced federations. The training package will
enable federations adopting it to be aware of a workflow and tools that the federation operator can adopt and adapt to their needs; obtain training materials that the federation operator can re-use to train their home organisations; learn about existing practices in the field (IDEM GARR AAI, Edugate (Jagger), SWITCH AAI (Resource Registry), InCommon (Attribute Filter rules proposed for R&S entity category)); and to network with like-minded peers and discuss the prospects and future of the role of federation operators in the attribute release solution.

*About the workshop*

The workshop is a consultation about the proposal for federation operators to take a stronger role in navigating home organisations through the attribute release process. 

*About AARC*

AARC is an EC-funded project that seeks to increase the uptake of federated access through inter-operable authentication and authorisation infrastructures for research and education infrastructures. To achieve this vision, AARC aspires, via a number of training modules, to promote
the adoption of existing best practices in the field of federated access.


13:00 – 13:15 Welcome to Workshop

13:15 – 13:50 Introduction and Goals

The Federation Operator role

Q and A

13:50 – 14:00 a break

14:00 – 15:00 Presentation of the training material (summary):

Part I: Attribute release - understanding the problem

Part II: Solutions – theory and practice of entity categories

Part III: Solutions – federation registry

15:00 – 15:10 a break

15:10 – 15:40 Work group: review the material and answer the questions

15:40 – 16:00 Report from the groups, Debriefing and Summary


Lalla Mantovani - GARR

Simona Venuti - GARR

Marco Malavolti - GARR


Irina Mikhailava - GÉANT


About 20 people https://eventr.geant.org/events/2431

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