GÉANT Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are established under the auspices of GÉANT in order to create an open forum where experts from its community exchange information, knowledge, ideas and best practices about specific technical or other areas of business relevant to the research and education networking community.

The GÉANT SIG-Multimedia is the successor of the former task forces on streaming (TF-Stream), netcasting (TF-Netcast), voice and video collaboration (TF-VVC), enhanced communications (TF-ECS), media applications (TF-Media) and web based communications (TF-WebRTC).

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1st SIG-Multimedia meeting

The SIG-Mutimedia Meeting (co-located with the Up2U Project Workshop) was held on 8-10 May 2017 in Porto, Portugal.

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 The aims of this SIG are

  • to provide a forum for gathering and exchanging experiences, ideas and knowledge on the development, deployment, testing and standardisation of innovative multimedia protocols, infrastructures, services and applications.
  • to engage with the subject matter experts of the wider R&E community as well as industry, primarily addressing the Video/Web Conference, Multimedia, Streaming, E-Learning and Distant Collaboration teams.
  • to facilitate interoperability at all costs among the current technology and service silos for the benefit of the European R&E community and beyond. Share knowledge and information about existing solutions and planned developments/integrations in order to avoid the duplication of efforts where possible.
  • to advise innovative applications for both the high-end users (4k, 8k, real-time, interactive, low latency, secure, encrypted) and the long-tail (educative, smart, easy-to-use, connected, interoperable).
  • to promote and demonstrate cutting edge infrastructure/service/application pilots and proof-of-concepts that put GÉANT in the forefront of the global collaborations.
  • to facilitate the promotion and use of the GÉANT-NORDUnet Vconf Tender results and the GN4-2 JRA4 T4/5 WebRTC-related activities. Collect feedback and input for the potential next iterations of cloud vendor/service engagements.
  • to collaborate with international/global peers including but not limited to Intrenet2, RNP, RedCLARA, CAREN, APAN, AARNet, CERN, e-Infrastructures.

The proposed achievements and KPIs for the first year are summarized in the table below

Planned achievementsKPIsReports
Organize two SIG meetings and potential BoFs at relevant conferences.2 meetings, 1-2 BoFsNovember 2017
Extend the community beyond the usual NREN participants towards universities, research labs and industry

4-5 university collaborators

2-3 regular industry/standardisation attendees
November 2017
Organise cutting-edge demonstrations at large international conferences.

4K WebRTC demo

Federated STUN/TURN demo
November 2017


2nd year of SIG-Multimedia 

2nd: 1 October 2017 - 30 September 2018

1st: 1 October 2016 - 30 September 2017

The SIG-Multimedai Steering Committee members are

  • Nelson Dias, FCT

  • Erik Kikkenborg, NORDUnet

  • Bartlomiej Idzikowski, PSNC

Former SIG-Multimedia Steering Committee members:

  • Rui Ribeiro, FCT


Non-exclusive list of active SIG participants are


SIG-Multimedia Charter (PDF)

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