This page explains how IROs can approve or reject applications on the MyAcademicID Platform for a Higher Education Institution that does NOT support federated access and has to rely on MyAcademicID in order to register and assign European Student Identifiers (ESI) to its students that participate in the Erasmus+ study mobility.

Step 1:

When a student submits a new application for affiliation and ESI from your institution, the IROs will receive an email notification that will include the information the student provided along with a link to the MyAcademicID platform were the application can be approved or rejected. Click on the link in the email in order to approve or reject the application.

Step 2:

If you have not authenticated in the last 20 minutes, you will be redirected to the Discovery screen of the MyAcademicID platform, where you will have to choose the same login option that you chose when you registered on the platform.

Step 3:

After you authenticate, you will be recognised as an IRO of your institution and you will see the application of the student. You can approve or reject the application by clicking on the respective button. Before approving or rejecting the application, validate that the information provided by the student matches the information that you have on record.

If you reject the application, you can optionally provide a reason for the rejection.

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