An eduGAIN membership vote was carried out from 7th December - 30th December 2022.  Members were asked to vote on the eduGAIN CSIRT Terms of Reference and the eduGAIN CSIRT RFC2350

Results of the Vote

eduGAIN CSIRT ToR: 49 votes cast, 43 votes in the affirmative, 6 abstain

eduGAIN CSIRT RFC2350: 51 votes cast, 46 votes in the affirmative, 5 abstain

Notes and Errata

Comments from UK fed:


- Section 4.3 of RFC2350 uses the colour designation from TLP version 1. If we are to

support both versions of TMLP and follow Postel's Principle, eduGAIN-CSIRT would accept

information that comes in with designations from either version (TLP:RED, TLP:AMBER,

TLP:AMBER+STRICT, TLP:GREEN, TLP:WHITE, TLP:CLEAR) and send information out only with

designations from TLPv2.


- Section 3.3 of the Terms of Reference states "business hours (9x5 CET/CEST)" should be

made consistent with the information in RFC2350v1, which is "hours of operation are Monday

- Friday 09:00-17:00 (CET/CEST), except public holidays"


- Section 4.1 of the Terms of Reference states "the eduGAIN-CSIRT Security Officer, that

will be nominated by the GEANT project." Should it be the eduGAIN Executive Committee that


No - the Board would not get involved in this level.  Perhaps more appropriate to say eduGAIN Service Owner. Updated to reflect.

Comments from ACOnet:

Not strictly related to the current vote but since I noticed it in
this context and I don't want it to be forgotten: Note that
contains different (and a lot more) information than
and (making matters worse) neither contains link to the other, AFAICT.

Now, in the ToR document the TOC on page 2 of the PDF says

"5.6 Reporting   Error! Bookmark not defined."

when I open this (using 2 different PDF viewers, xpdf/poppler and


Also what should be hyperlinks is only indicated by blue, underlined

text but none of the links are hyperlinks/clickable when they could

and therefore should be.

Cleaned for published version

Comments from

Review naming consistency (dashes in CSIRT).Actioned

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