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The DSX Discovery Service can show a custom logo depending on the Service Provider that makes of the discovery service. Adding a custom logo to the DSX Discovery Service a research community for example can apply some minimum branding to the identity provider discovery process.

Have a look at the example for a custom logo.


The feature to show custom logos is in general limited to users of the DSX Advanced Services offering or in special cases that are defined by the DSX product manager.

To request a custom logo on the DSX Discovery Service please send an email to with the following content:

  • One or more entityID values of Service Providers that make use of the DSX Discovery Service and for which the custom logos should be shown
  • Logo image file as jpg, png or gif with a maximum height of 32px and a maximum length of 320px
  • Link to a website that is opened when one clicks on the logo
  • Optionally, a text before logo image (e.g. "Powered by"). Depending on the text lenght, the image width must be shortened.

The DSX operators will then reply to you within a few working days.

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