GÉANT Federation as a Service - FaaS is an easy entry point for NRENs who are developing or are in early stage of operating a WebSSO Identity federation. FaaS service is offered to organisations which operate an Identity federation - Federation Operators (typically an NREN) to facilitate efforts needed for uptake and day-to-day operations. In a nutshell, by using FaaS offer, Federation operators can: 

  • operate their Identity federation in scalable manner which accommodates best current practices;
  • exchange metadata with eduGAIN metadata service in an automated manner.

For more information about the service please follow the links bellow: 

Contact us

For support, questions or request for the service contact us at faas@lists.geant.org. This reaches the FaaS Team members only. Feel free to send any questions you might have to that list, including general questions about federations and building those.

If you are a FaaS user or former training participant, you are also member of faas-discuss@lists.geant.org used for FaaS service anouncements and for all questions and discussions about the service. Things you send there will be seen by your colleagues from the other NRENs, which is good (as we'll learn from each other and not every question has to be answered individually by us, often several times).

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