From time-to-time, eduGAIN will establish a working group aimed at supporting the development of focused work items to improve the eduGAIN ecosystem.  Participation is on a voluntary basis but existing participants in the GÉANT project may be able to charge time subject to the approval of Task / Workpackage Leaders. Working Groups may be proposed by any SG member or participant in the Trust & Identity Workpackage within the GÉANT Project.

The process for setting up such groups is as follows:

  1. A working group will be proposed to the eduGAIN SG and Members will be asked if they wish to participate.  Names for people outside the SG that would be effective working group members will also be put forward - particularly where representation from stakeholders such as IdPs, SPs, research organisations, e-infrastructures etc will be beneficial.
  2. Working Groups should ideally be small in size so consensus can be achieved quickly between participants.
  3. Working Groups will run for as long as they are deemed necessary but will ideally be short-term and issue focused.
  4. If desired - a call for participants can also be sent to other stakeholder groups such as REFEDS, FIM4L, FIM4R etc.
  5. A chair for the group is chosen from the working group members.
  6. Secretarial support will be provided by the eduGAIN Secretariat (or another nominated person if this makes sense).
  7. The GÉANT Project will provide facilities for the working group, including meeting support, wiki space and mailing lists.  All working groups will have pages on the GÉANT wiki tracking the work and minutes of meetings. 
  8. An appropriate output from the group is produced. Currently, this is typically a draft white paper, set of recommendations, demo etc.
  9. When the Working Group is in agreement, the chair shares the outputs with the eduGAIN SG for discussion and comment as well as any appropriate external body.  Progress and general updates can be shared at any eduGAIN SG / Drop-in Session or via mailing lists.
  10. The work will then be shared with the eduGAIN Service Owner, Trust and Identity Work Package leaders or other appropriate body for implementation. 

eduGAIN currently has the following Working Groups:

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