eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

Tuesday 16th June, 16:30 UTC (in your timezone)

Please Note that the above time is CONFIRMED.

16:15 UTC
18:15 CEST

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?" (see  Connection Details)

16:30 UTC
18:30 CEST

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

16:35 UTC
18:35 CEST

Membership Updates and Joining
  • 68 participant members / 2 members / 8 candidates
  • New Members (2)
    • China / CSTCloud Federation - 08-May-2020
    • Slovakia / safeID - 08-May-2020
  • Candidates Under Assessment (2)
    • Mexico / FENIX - 21-Nov-2019
    • Tajikistan / TARENA Identity Federation - 28-Nov-2019

16:45 UTC
18:45 CEST

Maintaining trust relationships in a growing eduGAIN environment

  • Presentation by eduGAIN Secretariat
17:00 UTC
19:00 CEST

Baseline expectations preliminary results

  • Update for REFEDS WG
17:10 UTC
19:10 CEST

Support / Security/ Operations team update

17:20 UTC
19:20 CEST

F-Ticks for eduGAIN pilot

  • Presentation and brief Q&A
17:35 UTC
19:35 CEST

Future SG Meetings

17:45 UTC
19:45 CEST

Any other business, Summary and Actions

17:45 UTC
19:45 CEST

Meeting Close

Connection Details


Federations in Attendance (xx)

  1. IDEM
  2. AAF
  4. UK Federation
  6. LEAF
  8. DFN-AAI
  9. FÉR
  10. Gakunin
  11. GRNET
  13. InCommon
  14. CAF
  15. COFRe
  16. CAFe
  17. safeID
  18. AAI@EduHr
  19. ReEduNetID
  20. MINGA
  22. LIAF

Attendees (37)

  1. Casper Dreef, GÉANT
  2. Davide Vaghetti, IDEM/GARR
  3. Terry Smith, AAF
  4. Nicole Harris, GÉANT
  5. Pål Axelsson, SWAMID
  6. Donald Coetzee, SAFIRE
  7. Alex Stuart, UK Federation
  8. Valentin Pocotilenco, LEAF
  9. Attila Laszlo,
  10. Wolfgang Pempe, DFN-AAI
  11. Anass Chabli, FER
  12. Guy Halse, SAFIRE
  13. Eisaku Sakane, Gakunin
  14. Halil Adem, GRNET
  15. Rhys Smith, UK Federation
  16. Thomasz Wolniewicz, PIONEER
  17. Martin Stanislav, safeID
  18. Nick Roy, InCommon
  19. Chris Phillips, CAF
  20. János Mohácsi,
  21. Licia Florio, GÉANT
  22. Alejandro Lara (COFRe / REUNA)
  23. Jean Carlo Faustino, CAFe
  24. Maja Gorecka-Wolniewicz, PIONEER
  25. Martin Stanislav, safeID
  26. Miroslav Milinovic, SRCE / AAI@EduHr
  27. Sami X
  28. Thomas Bärecke, eduGAIN Support
  29. Valeriu Vraciu, (RoEduNet)
  30. Claudio Chacón (CEDIA)
  31. Thilina Pathirana, LIAF
  32. Boro Jakimovski
  33. Rafal Lawrukiewicz, CAF
  34. Hassan Bouhaddou,
  35. Daniel Muscat, RicerkaNet
  36. Emilio Nakamura (RNP)

Apologies (xx)

  1. Saeed Khademi IRFED
  2. Jiri Borik
  3. José Manuel Macías, SIR


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

The Chair welcomed everyone to the 1st meeting of 2020 ...

See the Open Actions & Previous Meeting notes. The major open action will be covered within the meeting.

No open actions. Minutes were approved.

Membership Updates and Joining

For details on new members and candidates see and work on progressing new members is underway.

Four (4) federations participated in eduGAIN since the last meeting.

Four (4) candidates currently under assessment.

  • China / CSTCloud Federation - 18-Oct-2019
  • Slovakia / safeID - 24-Oct-2019
  • Mexico / FENIX - 21-Nov-2019
  • Tajikistan / TARENA Identity Federation - 28-Nov-2019

Technical suspension: MATE, CAFMoz.

Maintaining trust relationships in a growing eduGAIN environment

Please find slides and Mentimeter results here:

Baseline expectations preliminary results

Baseline meetings took place over the last couple of months. You can find the notes here:

Four categories: SPs, IdPs, Federation Operators and Interfederation Operators.

Current results:

You can also subscribe to the mailing list: and the eduGAIN Slack channel: #baseline.

Support / Security/ Operations team update

Support: new manuals and updated "How to join eduGAIN as a Service Provider". Comments are very welcome.  More work on proactive tickets.  Haven't seen a significant month on month change despite changes in working environments. 

Operational: improvements on the technical site, eduGAIN database and the metadata validator - issues with validation currently on the radar for the OT were shared earlier in the meeting. 

Security: drafted eduGAIN Security Incident Response Handbook. In collaboration with SIRTFI.  Handbook will be shared with eduGAIN SG and REFEDS alongside a proposal to create an eduGAIN CSIRT.

Members discussed how this works with other security initiatives and whether there could be synergies with GÉANT CERT.  The plans are still at a very early stage so there are many opportunities to work out how to make these relationships work.  We need to be mindful of potential information sharing with countries that are embargoed by other countries within eduGAIN.

F-Ticks for eduGAIN pilot

Miro gave a demo of f-ticks for eduGAIN:  Members are invited to share statistics with the team by contacting  Details are on the website. 5 federations are currently participating. 

Future meetings

The dates for the next SG meetings and Drop-in sessions are available here: eduGAIN Steering Group

Members were supportive of moving the town hall online if it is not possible to travel.

AoB and Close

The Secretariat is testing the voting tool Zeus to be used for future membership voting. A test vote will be carried out in due course.

CAF is looking into proxy with different tools.

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