eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

14th September 2021 16:30 UTC / 18:30 Amsterdam: In your time zone


11:45 UTC

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?" (see  eduGAIN SG - 2021 September#Connection Details)

12:00 UTC

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Terry Smith, AAF, Chair
12:10 UTC

Membership Updates and Joining


  • Nigerian Identity Federation, Nigeria

In the pipeline:

  • FIEL, RedClara
  • ThaiREN Identity Federation, Thailand

Suspended Members:

  • MATE, Argentina
  • CAFMoz, Mozambique
Casper Dreef, Secretariat
12:20 UTC

Team Updates

  • Operations Team
  • Support Team
  • F-Ticks
  • Business development
Davide Vaghetti, IDEM, Service owner
12:40 UTC

Team updates: Security team

  • Regular updates
  • Working Group updates
Security Team
12:50 UTC

Working Groups update


13:00 UTCAny other business
13:25 UTC

Future SG meetings, Summary and Actions

13:30 UTC

Meeting Close

Connection Details


Federations in Attendance (17)

  1. AAF (Australia)
  2. SIFULAN (Malasya)
  3. (Hungary)
  4. IDEM (Italy)
  5. SWAMID (Sweden)
  6. HAKA (Finland)
  7. Canadian Access Federation (Canada)
  8. UK Federation (United Kingdom)
  9. DFN-AAI (Germany)
  10. PIONEER.Id (Poland)
  11. SAFIRE (South Africa)
  12. (Chzech Republic)
  13. FER (France)
  14. BELNET IF (Belgium)
  15. SIR (Spain)
  16. MINGA (Ecuador)
  17. CAFe (Brazil)

Attendees (19)

  1. Terry Smith (AAF)
  2. Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi (SIFULAN)
  3. Attilla Laszlo (
  4. Casper Dreef (GÉANT)
  5. Davide Vaghetti (IDEM)
  6. Pål Axelsson (SWAMID)
  7. Jukka Kärkkäinen (HAKA)
  8. Chris Phillips (CAF)
  9. Alex Stuart (UK Federation)
  10. Nicole Harris (GÉANT)
  11. Wolfgang Pempe (DFN-AAI)
  12. Zbigniew Oltuszyk (Pioneer.Id)
  13. Guy Halse (SAFIRE)
  14. Jan Oppolzer (
  15. Herve Bourgault (FER)
  16. Pascal Panneels (BELNET IF)
  17. José Manuel Macías (SIR)
  18. Claudio Chacón (MINGA)
  19. Jean Carlo Faustino (CAFe)

Apologies (xx)

  1. ...


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Minutes of the previous meeting - eduGAIN SG - September 2021

Open actions

Membership Updates and Joining

Nigeria / is out for voting.

In the new year ThaiREN IF and FIEL will be assessed.
Also, Serbia / iAMRES provided the policy and MPRS.

Argentina / MATE and Mozambique / CAFmoz are still suspended.

Team Updates

Operation team:
Attribute release check. Update due in January.
MDS. Updated the pipeline with the latest version 1 of pyff. Setting up for version 2.
Setting up a new key based on HSM. The key generation ceremony is planned for February. The detail will shared in due course.

Support team:

Update on the pilot.

Business development:

Reporing tool:
Federation operator will receive a monthly report per email.
Also working on an F-ticks integration and integration with eduTEAMS. The federation's delegate and deputy can then include their Federation Operations team members to the tool.

Team updates Security team:

37 registered security contacts. Security challenge: 30/37 answered. The team will follow up with the 7 contacts that didn't respond. Same result as last year. 
The security contact requirement is for discussion in the working groups.

eduGAIN Security Working Group Charter - eSWG

Paperwork: TermsOfReference (TOR)

Paperwork - RFC-2350

Chris asked if the security team is looking into the log4j incident.
GÉANT IT and CERT are looking into this. Currently the eG team is not providing support for the infastructure.

eduGAIN Working Groups: Futures

The charter has been defined: eduGAIN Futures Working Group Charter
Four goals:
1. Baseline expectations
2. Technology goals
3. Governance
4. Validate information with interest groups.

The outcome will be a paper with change recommendations.

Any other business

Terry invited Davide to present at APAN on F-ticks.

Nicole reminded the participants to fill in the REFEDS survey.

Future SG Meetings, Summary and Actions

Future SG meetings 2021:

23 March 12:00 UTC
15 June 07:00 UTC
14 September 16:30 UTC
14 December 12:00 UTC

  • ACTION: Secretariat to create a meeting schedule for 2022.

eduGAIN SG - December 2021

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