eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

Monday 24th April 2017, 10:30 - 11:30 EDT (in your timezone)

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10:15 EDT
16:15 CEST

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10:30 EDT
16:30 CEST

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Revision of the eduGAIN Policy Framework

Next Steps: WebSSO profile, SAML2Int and Updates

  • SAML2Int update progress

Support Enhancements - Ann Harding

Summary of Current Status

  • See
  • New members
  • Candidates:
    • In train: Slovakia
    • To be reviewed: Algeria, Uganda.
    • New: Singapore.
    • Applied: Malawi, Montenegro, Mozambique, Russia, Serbia.
    • Known: Hong Kong, China.

Future SG Meetings

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11:30 EDT
17:30 CEST

Summary, Actions and Close (or we're running over time).

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Federations in Attendance (14):

  • Virtual: AAF, CANARIE, SURFconext, PIONIER.ID, NIIFI/ (5)
  • Physical: AAF, SURFconext, SGAF, SWAMID, SWITCHaai, GakuNin, UK Federation, InCommon,, LEAF, CARSI (11).

Attendees (Virtual):

  1. Brook Schofield
  2. Arnout Terpstra
  3. Guy Halse
  4. Miro Milinovic
  5. Terry Smith
  6. Pal Axelsson
  7. Chris Phillips
  8. Thomas Wolniewicz
  9. Kristof Bajnok

Attendees (Physical):

  1. Brook Schofield
  2. Heath Marks
  3. Rhys Smith
  4. Michale Diana
  5. Klaas Wierenga
  6. Nick Roy
  7. Nicole Harris
  8. Payton Gonzales, ForgeRock
  9. AJ Folédas, Virginia Tech
  10. EJ Monti
  11. Petr Vsetecka
  12. James Brewer, UPenn
  13. Peter Bogatencov
  14. Motonori Nakamura
  15. XiaoDoxj Fu, Cernet
  16. Bella Gao
  17. William Wan
  18. Kevin Sale
  19. Mandeep Saini
  20. Valter Nordh
  21. Scott Koranda
  22. Pål Axelsson
  23. Ann Harding
  24. Maarten Kremers
  25. Licia Floria
  26. Francis Lee


  • Wolfgang Pempe (DFN)


Revision of the eduGAIN Policy Framework:

Valter Nordh provided an update on the progress of getting the Constitution v3 revision ratified by the eduGAIN Exec. The GÉANT Board has the role of the eduGAIN Exec team. As of last week, the whole Board has voted in favour of the v3 Constitution, and have also put forward some ideas for a future version. The agreement of the Board needs to be minuted, and then an official announcement will be made. Valter is happy for this official announcement to be made as of now and come into affect on the 1st of August 2017. In the remaining 90 days from 24.04.17 a SAML profile will need to be in place. Nicole and Brook are working on this.

Nicole is working on updating the policy set for eduGAIN, which includes the Declaration (no updates planned), the Constitution (as above) and the Profiles. The aim is to take the various Profiles and create a general technology-agnostic Profile that can be applied to SAML, OIDC, Moonshot. The documents can be found at

The attribute Profile will be replaced with a best current practice document (BCP) which will outline what Federations should be supporting.

WebSSO profile :

Currently only says to use SAML2Int. Nicole is seeking feedback from the SG on this so as to determine where to position within the document set. The timescale is quite tight, so please respond to Nicole if you have not already done so.


Nick Roy, InCommon has been active in the federation operability working group (Kantara) to update their profile on SAML2Int, for example complying with OASIS metadata statements. Nick Roy invited others to join that working group to collaborate. 

Support enhancements - Ann Harding:

eduGAIN has a strong support structure, which handles about 90-95% of federation support cases. Only 5-10% of these are inter-federation related.

This enhanced eduGAIN Support model is for handling those inter-federation cases which are complex. It is not for end users but will provide a safety net to ensure support cases do not get lost. It is currently focused on the performance element of inter-federation, but will also consider security incident handling, so SIRTFI is related but distinct. Performance and security cases will share some infrastructure but will not be one and the same team. A centralised infrastructure of enhanced eduGAIN support, with specialists assigned to each, and different queues within a shared ticketing system.

The performance element is currently in Pilot for 6 months, and then will pitch for full time adoption in eduGAIN; for SIRTFI the status is gathering requirements before entering into a Pilot, roughly staggered 6 months behind the performance element. If you have support cases, please send them!

Current status - New members and candidates:

See and work on progressing new members is underway.

Future meetings:

  • EduGAIN SG-2017June
  • Virtual Meeting in August 2017 (Physical component at APAN44)
  • eduGAIN Town Hall - end 2017/early 2018
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