eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

Tuesday 19th June 2017, 12:00 - 13:30 UTC (in your timezone)

Please Note that the above time is CONFIRMED.

11:45 UTC
13:45 CEST

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?" (see Connection Details)

12:00 UTC
14:00 CEST

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

12:15 UTC
14:15 CEST

Membership Updates and Joining
    • Pipeline and process for new members.
    • Malaysia and CAFMoz are currently in the membership pipeline.
12:30 UTC
14:30 CEST

Revision of the eduGAIN Policy Framework

12:45 UTC
14:45 CEST

Best/Current Practices within eduGAIN

13:00 UTC

15:00 CEST

Future Voting?

13:15 UTC
15:15 CEST

Future SG Meetings

  • Conflict/Changes to 2018 meeting dates/times?
  • Next meeting @ 6-9 August  2018 at APAN46 & via VC
13:20 UTC
15:20 CEST

Any other business, Summary, Actions and Close (or we're running over time).

13:30 UTC
15:30 CEST

Meeting Close.

Connection Details


Federations in Attendance (19)

  1. TAAT/EENet
  7. DFN-aai
  9. UK Federation/Jisc
  10. LEAF/RENAM/Moldova
  11. IIF/IUCC
  12. AAI@EduHR
  13. RIF
  14. ACOnet-AAI
  15. CAFe
  16. ARNaai
  17. HKAF
  18. FEIDE
  19. *safeID

*Not a member.

Attendees (23)

  1. Brook Schofield, GÉANT
  2. Casper Dreef, GÉANT
  3. Nicole Harris, GÉANT
  4. Sten Aus, EENet
  5. Stefan Winter, RESTENA
  6. Barbara Monticini, IDEM GARR
  7. Anass Chabli , RENATER
  8. Alejandro Lara, REUNA
  9. Donald Coetzee, SAFIRE
  10. Guy Halse, SAFIRE
  11. Wolfgang Pempe, DFN
  12. Pål Axelsson, SWAMID
  13. Rhys Smith, Jisc
  14. Valentino P, LEAF
  15. Zivan Yoash, IIF
  16. Miroslav Milinovic, AAI@EduHR
  17. Nicholas Mbonimpa, RIF
  18. Peter Schober, ACOnet
  19. Rui Riberio, CAFe
  20. Aouaouche El-Maouhab, ARNaai
  21. Jonathan Cheng, HKAF
  22. Jaime Perez, FEIDE
  23. *Martin Stanislav, safeID

Apologies (7)

  1. Arnout Terpstra, SURFnet
  2. Pascal Panneels, Belnet
  3. Terry Smith, AAF
  4. José-Manuel Macías, RedIRIS
  5. Chris Phillips, CAF
  6. Simon Green, SGAF
  7. Zenon Mousmoulas, GRNET


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

The Chair welcomed everyone to the 4th meeting of 2018.

Membership Updates and Joining

For details on new members and candidates see and work on progressing new members is underway.

Membership assessment continues on track but tracking votes will soon be an issue.

Revision of the eduGAIN Policy Framework

Impact of enforcement of the SAML Profile is described in the following table:

No issuesDZ, AU, AT, BY, BR, CA, HR,CZ, EC, EE, GE, DE, IN, HU, KR, LV, LT, LU, MD, NO, RU, PL, SG, ZA, ES, UA, CH, NL28
EntitiesDescriptor does not contain PublicationInfoAR, FI, IE, PT4
Missing an "English" value in MetadataAM, FR, JP, UK4
mdui:Logo has wrong valueBE1
Signature using an Empty ReferenceCO, FR, UG3
validaUntil is less than 5 or greater than 28 from creationInstantCO, IL, IT3
creationInstant wrong / in the futureCL, FR, HK, IR, MK, SI6
Signature Method/Digest WeakCL1
Organization block / ContactPerson not found or missing tech/supportDK, GR, JP, IE, MK, SE, US7
Not AssessedOM1

Some refinement of the mdui:Logo assessment is still required for the validator where the SAML Profile requires Data URL or https:// URL and for https:// URLs to be publicly accessible.

The information in this table along with eduGAIN Compliance Issues will be collated and regularly assessed at steering group meetings. There is no immediate need to make a decision on a timeline for these issues and federations will be contacted regarding their issues. Once the problem has been reduced to a small handful of federation, particularly if those federations are non-responsive then a decision will be made.

Best/Current Practices within eduGAIN

The outline of a Guide for Joining eduGAIN as a Federation has been developed. Discussion centred on what should be added/included in this work.

There are many SHOULD requirements that were stripped from the eduGAIN SAML Profile that could be used as the basis for this work.

There is an increasing number of groups providing advice and guidance and this in an opportunity to provide clarity, especially for new/emerging federations in this space. The existance of R&S, CoCo, SIRTFI, FIM4R, SAML2Int, REFEDS MFA needs to be consolidated into useful guidance.

Whether this covers federation or entityt practices was raised but not concluded.

Peter stated that it should be a "Good Practice Guide for Decent Interoperability".

Specifically, Key Management Practices and Incident Response was raised. Some practices have evolved over time but there is "no good reason to keep doing it this way". There is a lot of legacy in documentation and it needs to be clear that some of these practices are no longer a good thing™.

Future Voting?

Since Foodle will shutdown from 1 July 2018 there is a need to find a replacement for voting on membership (and other) issues.

The Foodle codebase is available but there is likely to be significant effort in supporting this tool. Nicole to take eduGAIN Steering Group use of Foodle forward as one use-case to justify GÉANT taking on this work. She stated that the domain (in addition to the software) was also available for any suitable home. There have been discussions with some federations on this topic.

Peter Schober sugested a range of tools that could be used for e-Voting purposes.

  • A couple of possible replacement code-bases (not touching on the larger issue of who would be willing to run something like this for all of eduGAIN):
  • If eduGAIN want to use an actual e-voting system (as opposed to a lightweight polling service), maybe is worth trying out
    • provided as a service by GRNET, no EOL in sight
    • free service for elections involving a low number of voters, which don't require user support
    • certainly more formal than a polling service: each election to be held requires an election committee to register list of voters and produce authenticated results at the end
    • option to use a SAML asserted (SP published to eduGAIN) identifier as 2FA; the first factor always being a token sent to the voter via e-mail etc.

Anass suggessted Evento from RENATER as a possible solution. This service isn't published into eduGAIN currently.

Terry Smith highlighted the AAFs need for any such tool to support R&S to ensure it is available to its IdPs without going through a committee approval process.

Update: Evento has been succesfully used in the vote of Malaysia/SIFULAN and appears to be acceptable. Additionally, FÉR updated their federation metadata management tools to support R&S for the AAF use-case.

Future meetings

The next meeting will take place on 6-9 August 2018 at APAN46 in Auckland, New Zealand and since the APAN46 programme (and the Identity & Access Management programme that surrounds it is still in flux there might be an adjustment from the initially proposed time. It will be in the Asia/Pacific timezone so some pain will be felt by the Americas and Europe.

Time is now confirmed as per the annoucement of the next meeting.

AOB and Close

Peter Schober raised the issue of a DigiCert SSO key rollover. Their SSO entry is published by ACOnet for all TCS subscribers to use and the current signing certificate in SAML metadata is set to expire, while this won't affect saml2int compliant IdPs it will impact ADFS. The current SP setup doesn't allow multiple keys in simultaneous operation. The new certificate is generated from the existing private key material and as such won't cause a problem for simpleSAMLphp instances (but these are in the minority). Peter will be annoucing the rollover on the FOG mailing list and interested parties should follow along.

The meeting closed at 13:30

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