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The eduGAIN Service makes available several tools to monitor, check and report metrics and statistics about the Participants' entities. Most of these tools are publicly available, but some of them host information that should be reserved to Federation Operators or might require reserved access in order to perform Federations' specific configuration.

The eduGAIN Virtual Organization is a VO managed by eduTEAMS and it is composed by the eduGAIN delegates and deputies of the eduGAIN Participants. The eduGAIN VO can be used to grant access to eduGAIN services and resources. Registered delegates and deputies are also able to register additional federation operators from their federation and delegate them the same access rights.


The eduGAIN VO have the following group structure:

    eduGAIN VO
    ├── Federations
    │   └── <FED-CODE>
    │       ├── Delegates
    │       └── Operators
    ├── eduGAIN-OT
   ├── eduGAIN-Secretariat
    └── eduGAIN-SG

  • The eduGAIN Service Owner has management rights on the eduGAIN VO.

  • The members of the eduGAIN-OT and eduGAIN-Secretariat groups have management rights on the Federations and the eduGAIN-SG groups.

  • The eduGAIN Service Owner can invite or remove members from the eduGAIN-OT and eduGAIN-Secretariat groups.

  • The eduGAIN Service Owner and the eduGAIN-OT and eduGAIN-Secretariat members can invite and remove users from Federation:<FED-CODE>:Delegates groups.

  • The members of the Delegates group of a Federation have management rights on the Operators group of their Federation. They can invite and remove users from the Operators group of their Federation

  • The membership to the eduGAIN-SG group is managed by eduTEAMS and includes all the users who are members of a Delegates group. When a user is added or removed from a Delegates group, this will be automatically reflected in the eduGAIN-SG group.

Management and Enrollment

The management interface is reachable at https://mms.eduteams.org and it is accessible with the federated account with which you registered to the platform in the enrollment phase.


The enrollment process is mainly based on email invitation:

  • eduGAIN Federations' delegates and deputies are invited by the eduGAIN Service to register as delegates for their federation.
  • Federations Operators are invited to register as members of the Operators group for their federation.

Members already registered on the eduTEAMS platform can be either invited or directly added to the group.

As eduGAIN delegate or deputy, in order to either invite or add member to the Operators group:

  • Log into https://mms.eduteams.org
  • From the Group manager menu click on Select group.
  • Select the Operators group.
  • To invite a new member click on the Invite member.. button, insert the name and the email of the operator, select the language (English only) and click on the Send invite button.
  • To add a user already registered in the eduTEAMS platform, click on the Add... button, search the user in the interface, select her and click on the Add button to directly add to the group, or on Invite selected to send an invite.

Members management

Clicking on the Members item in Group manager menu lets you manage group memberships. You can search trough you users, show users information and remove users that do not belong anymore to the Operators group.


eduGAIN Reporting

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