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This is for reporting on achievements and activities for the mandatory project quarterly reports.  No need to report on event dates as I keep a log of those elsewhere - please add anything concrete outcomes or developments within the TF and SIG Communities during each timeframe.

Q1 Y1 report:
Q2 Y1 report:
Q3 Y1 report: ??
Q4 Y1 report:
Q1 Y2 report:
Q2 Y2 report:
Q3 Y2 report:
Q4 Y2 report:

Year 2


September - December 2017


January 2018 - April 2018


May 2018 - August 2018


September 2018 - December 2018

Other Workshops
  • CLAW2018 planning.

Mobility day 2018: Mobility Working Group Meeting at TNC18.

CLAW playbook - general announcement - general announcement

CLAW infoshare.
SIG-NOCMagda Haver took over coordination role from Charlie. Three meetings with SC, preparing November meeting in November at GARR. Active in trying to making training initiative happen again. Contractual talks with trainer, budgeting and evaluating various scenarios.
  • Preparations for SIG-NOC meeting on 21-22 November in Rome, hosted by GARR. Huge interest so far.

Agenda here

  • Training talks still ongoing, mainly finalising contractual agreements with the trainer.

  • All-hands VC on October 24th
  • First draft of a baseline document to collect info on research engagement throughout the world
  • New chair: David Salmon
  • Planning side meeting at TNC
Chris Atherton took over coordination role from Charlie. A side meeting for TF-RED was held at TNC18, focusing on International Research Engagement Challenges and Solutions. Following this a number of new people joined the TF-RED mailing list. Preparations were made for forthcoming SC and All hands meetings in Autumn 2018.
TF-DPRNo meetings in this period. 
  • Creation of TF-CSIRT Futures working group looking at future alternative homes for TF-CSIRT.
  • TRANSITS retreat undertaking a complete review of all TRANSITS materials across four modules (organisational, operational, technical, legal).  
  • Changes made to Trusted Introducer contract to allow new listing process to be implemented.  

55th TF-CSIRT meeting held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

SIG-PMVMeeting announcement:
  • No meetings this period, activity has focused on developments for TNC18.
  • Meeting at TNC18 with a focus on performance monitoring across GN4 projects, including DTN developments and GTS support.

SIG-Greenhouseno specific activity in this period. 

Discussions on future of the group and the proposal for TF-SMD (software management and development). 

Support for Filesender and the Commons Conservancy.

Decision due on TF / SIG SMD.  Decision on future of Greenhouse after this decision. Presentation on greenhouse concept and Commons Conservancy at Nordunet:

October meeting:

SIG-TNEThe Steering Committee had 2 meetings to work on a workplan for the SIG, consisting of 4 work areas. The most recent draft can be found here.
  • Meeting at APAN 45 (10 people).
  • Meeting at I2GS (20)
  • Meeting at TNC18 (20)
SIG-MSPSeptember meeting:

No meetings in this period.

Preparing for October meeting with focus on GDPR and Security.

Successful meeting on 3-4 October in Belgrade, Serbia hosted by AMRES. 35 participants from 15 representing NRENs. Main focus was on GDPR and new products related to Security. Notes here:  3-4 October 2018%2C Belgrade%2C Serbia

SIG-Marcomms10+ SIG participants attended the CLAW workshop to gain practical experience in crisis management and to contribute to workshop deliverables. At the next SIG meeting (March 2018) they will report about the workshop and lessons learned and will get feedback on a workshop deliverable. Preparations for the March meeting (to be hosted by CSC-Funet) are taking place in this quarter.

30+ participants at 13-15 March meeting in Espoo, hosted by CSC.

40+ participants at joint  meeting with Global PR Network pre-TNC18.

Around 30 participants at 26-28 September meeting in Lisbon, hosted by FCCN.

Also a CONNECT article:

Planning has begunnfor next 2 meetings (Feb 4-6 in London, June 16th preceding TNC)


Limited discussion on the mailing list. Most of the developments are happening in GN4-2 JRA4 on the WebRTC front.

Situation is being discussed and assessed by the SIC Committee members.

No specific activity identifiedNo specific activity identified

September meeting: 1st SIG-CISS meeting

4 action items have been defined with potential contributions by the next meeting.

Most of the SIG-CISS people are planing to attend the CS3 Workshop in Krakow on 29-31 Jan 2018. Preparation work has been started.

No specific activity identifiedNo specific activity identified

3rd SIG-CISS meeting

Successful meeting, over 30 delegates from 19 European organisations.

Blog post:


SIG-NGNdormant.dormant.Group reinvigorated and planning a meeting for November 2018.


CONNECT Magazine / General

SECURITY.  Sigita Jurkynaite and Alf Moens.  CONNECT 26. 

SEASON AHEAD.  Rosanna Norman.  CONNECT 26.

COMMUNITY.  Charlie van Genuchten.  CONNECT 26.

PROGRAMME.  Charlie van Genuchten.  CONNECT 28.

GDPR and the GÉANT Community.  Ana Alves, CONNECT 30.

CLAW IN 2018.  Rosanna Norman.  CONNECT 30.

SUMMER BREAK.  Rosanna Norman.  CONNECT 30. 

OF SUCCESS!  Laura Durnford.  CONNECT 30. 

Year 1

 (they aren't really quarters but hey)


(May 2016 - August 2016)


(September 2016 - December 2016)


(January 2017 - April 2017)


(May 2017 - August 2017)

Task Force Coordination / GCC   4th and 5th meetings of the GCC.  Creation of:
  • SIG-CISS (aka new TF-Storage)
  • TF-RED

RADAR exercise recommendations from GA paper. 

The TF & SIGs Secretaries and Chairs met at TNC17 to share information about their groups, raise questions and requests for GCC. The session was attended by representatives of all 13 TFs & SIGs and the GCC chair Valter Nordth.

TF-MNMNo activity in this quarter.TF closed in October 2016. The task force has formally been shut-down but GÉANT will continue to support the mailing list and an annual event at TNC. 20 participants currently signed up.Mobility day at TNC with 56 participants. 

SIG-ISM White Paper on security management: SIG ISM white paper security management.  

SIG-ISM risk consultation: RISK consultation VC, may 18th, 2016.

SIG-ISM White Paper on risk management: SIG ISM white paper risk management.

4th SIG-ISM Workshop took place in Dublin on 22-23 February. There are two working groups (WG1: Inventory for Security Officers & WG2: Guidance on setting up and running ISMS for NRENs); 3 active regional working groups established (NORDIC/BALTIC, Benelux, English speaking region). You can read the meeting report here: 4th SIG-ISM Workshop - Agenda, Slides & Notes

WISE held their 4th workshop in Amsterdam on 27-29 March. 28 experts worked in 3 working groups on: Minimum Set Risk Assessment Checklist (RAW-WG), lists of available trainings and training needs (STAA-WG) and Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures document (SCIV2-WG).

WISE Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures Endorsement Ceremony took place at TNC17 in Linz. SCI’s updated version 2 was officially endorsed by representatives of EGI, EUDAT, GÉANT, GridPP, PRACE, SURF, WLCG and the USA’s XSEDE e-infrastructure.

In June, The WISE RAW WG (Risk Assessment Working Group) has published an easy to use risk management template with instructions for infrastructures and sites. The template is published with CC-BY license and can be downloaded  from the WISE Wiki.

WISE held a meeting on 15 August in Arlington, USA, as part of the NSF Cybersecurity Summit. On-day programme included 4 sessions: Community Projects, Software Assurance, Risk Management and SCI Self Assessment Walkthrough. More information and slides here: WISE @NSF Summit

SIG-ISM Chair Alf Moens and Secretary Sigita Jurkynaitė published a blog on various security collaborations, including SIG-ISM and WISE:


Commons Conservancy registered as a company with notary in NL. 

MoU between GÉANT, NLnet and Commons Conservancy signed.

Formal announcement of Filesender as the first project in the Commons Conservancy.  Conservancy also supporting another community project - eduVPN.  Full OS session at TNC to try and revive community interest as a topic. Tracking issues on community support vsbusiness dependency on OSS

TNC session on OSS and Commons Conservancy:

  • SCOPE wiki space was created on the confluence wiki
  • SCOPE discussion forum was set up for members to launch new discussions or engage in conversations on various IT, business or sustainability topics launched by members. Forum software was tested and initial topics explored.
  • 5 Best practice documents from the former campus best practice national working groups are lined up for publication. Publication will be done on the new SCOPE wiki space where members have an opportunity to discuss good and best IT practices
  • A plan is made to review a number of campus best practice documents and update with the inclusion of a green element.

SCOPE submitted it's annual report to the GCC on 9 August.

6 x NRENs have contributed to or are working on best practice document as part of SCOPE activity in particular work areas and working groups.

2 news BPD's ( security and campus networking) were written and two updated on digital assessment.

Focus of SCOPE for 2017-18 was discussed; the SIG will switch to activity promotion and awareness-raising, as well as inporving visibility and access to current information repositories. Plans are discussed to selct and move existing best practice document to a GÉANT e-learning environment.

  • Meeting in Berlin
  • Covering the handover from GN4-1 SA8 T2 (WebRTC Task) to GN4-2 JRA4 T4/5
  • Keep the community informed about commercial services/solutions: Intel, Firefox, Jitsi,, Mconf
  • Pulling together a market research about video and web conferencing service use either cloud-based or on-premises
  • Preparing the ground for the GÉANT/NORDUnet joint Vconf tendering procurement
  • Last meeting in Helsinki
  • Keeping an eye on WebRTC standardization at IETF
  • Focus on the Federated STUN/TURN service development fully covered by the GN4-2 JRA4 T4/5 tasks
  • The community will be involved in the market research study for the service
  • Agreed to close TF-WebRTC and re-create a new group with broader scope also on streaming, e-learning and mutimedia
  • SIG-Multimedia was created and approved by the GCC.



SIG-Multimedia was established back in October 2016 to provide a forum for gathering and exchanging experiences, ideas and knowledge on the development, deployment, testing and standardisation of innovative multimedia protocols, infrastructures, services and applications.

The SIG-Multimedai Steering Committee members are

  • Mihaly Meszaros, NIIF

  • Rui Ribeiro, FCT

  • Erik Kikkenborg, NORDUnet

  • Bartlomiej Idzikowski, PSNC

The first face-to-face meeting co-located with the Up2U Project Workshop to be held on 8-10 May 2017 in Porto, Portugal.

Preparations for the meeting as well as identification of synergies between the GN4-2 and the Up2U projects' activities in the area of multimedia content repositories and real-time WebRTC-based communication services have been undertaken.

Some of the SIG-Multimedia regular attendees gathered for an informal meeting during TNC'17. Peter Szegedi, as the task leader of the GN4-2 JRA4 T4 activity - looking after the Vconf Tendering exercise of GÉANT - updated the attendees on the actual status of the procurement.

The participants also discussed some aspects of the GÉANT TURN service pilot that has been introduced in the GÉANT Connect Magazine special editions made for the conference.

  • The official task force mandate expired but the community remained engaged with all the spin-off activities
  • Oversight on the ownCloud agreement, more then 400k end-user licenses counted on 15 July.
  • Open Cloud Mesh project Phase 3 kick-off. Preparing for the formalization of the protocol.
  • OpenStack Operators group calls bi-weekly
  • Discussion about the re-chartering was started
  • Focus on the entire vertical cloud software stack, integrations and workflows
  • Decided to close down TF-Storage and re-charter into a new format
  • Proposal to be sent to GCC.

SIG-CISS (Cloudy Interoperable Software Stacks) was established in February 2017 in order to provide a broader forum for gathering and exchanging experiences, ideas and knowledge on the development, deployment, testing and standardisation of cloud infrastructure software stacks, platforms and workflows.

The SIG-CISS Steering Committee members are

  • Maciej Brzezniak, PSNC
  • Guido Aben, AARNet
  • Simon Leinen, SWITCH

First discussion and informal group meeting is scheduled during TNC'17. SIG-CISS will be hosted by the Cloud Cafe people.

SIG-CISS BoF was organized at TNC'17 in conjunction with the GN4-2 JRA4 Cloud Café. Guido Aben on behalf of the steering committee presented the objectives of the SIG to the wide audience and the team engaged in some informal discussion.

(picture is in the GÉANT Connect Magazine)

The 1st SIG-CISS meeting was planned to be hosted by SURFsara in Amsterdam on 25-26 September 2017. This is co-located with the 2nd Open Research Cloud Congress at the premises that provides potential synergies with topics, speakers and attendees.

The preliminary agenda and speakers have been agreed with the Steering Committee members.

  • Some SIG-NOC participants met at TNC'16
  • Engagement with the wider community: E.g., Whether Forecast people in the UK
  • Preparing for the NOC Training development work
  • Business Case created for the NOC Training development and provisioning
  • Meeting in November
  • Focusing on automation of NOC workflows and functions )Configuration (network & servers), Monitoring, Fault response, Service recovery).
  •  Organizing a one-day NOC Training Development Workshop
  •  Meeting in April
  • Focusing on best practices, automation, communication and security
  • Further exploration of the training programme development. Seeing if a collaboration with EGI is possible.
  • Further exploration of training Programme, seeing if a resubmission to GCC is possible.
  • Organising 6th SIG-NOC meeting


Met 12 June 2016, preceding TNC16, in a joint meeting with the Global PR Network in Prague. 41 registered participants from 26 organisations.

  • Explored communications challenges faced by African NRENs. By comparing them to the European and Latin American experience found many similarities. Discussed how to support the starting of a SIG-Marcomms-like PR network in the African region.
  • Highlighted EventR community calendar and blog as useful tool/channel
  • Provided a summary of 'storytelling in marketing communications' training from previous meeting
  • Updates from participating NRENs about their communications activities, challenges and experiences.

Met 27-29 September 2016, hosted by EENet of HITSA at Tallinn University, Estonia. 17 on-site participants from 11 organisations and 11 remote participants registered.

  • GÉANT cloud services workshop
  • Overview of all TFs and SIGs and opportunities to propose workshops & small projects in GÉANT Community Programme.
  • Trialled blogging training and proposed rolling out to wider community.
  • Discussed crisis management and communications and proposed a community workshop
  • Followed up on June African PR Network discussion:
    • invitation to contribute to Ubuntunet conference communications workshop
    • hands-on work to start updating old 'How to...' communications documents
  • Updates from participating NRENs about their communications activities, challenges and experiences.


Met 7-8 March in Poznan, hosted by PSNC, including joint meeting with SIG-MSP & participation by some TF-RED people. 32 on-site participants  & 5 remote participants from 17 organisations.

  • Impacts of GDPR on NREN marketing & services
  • Update on crisis communications & brainstorm for upcoming community workshop
  • GN4-2 updates
  • Contributions by PSNC, HEAnet, CSC, DeIC, CESNET, BELNET, SURFnet, EENet, Jisc, GÉANT

More info here:

Met on 2 June, immediately following TNC17 in Linz, Austria, as a joint meeting with the Global PR Network. 36 on-site participants and 2 remote participants from 27 organisations across Europe (EU and EaP countries), North America, Latin America, Eurasia, Central Asia, Australasia.

  • Explored challenges faced by Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries and gave them advice in a 'flipped' panel.
  • Reviewed InTheField blog and plans for development (AARNet)
  • Updates from participating NRENs about their communications activities, challenges and experiences (REANNZ, RESTENA, SINGAREN, CAREN and Asi@Connect project)
  • Reviewed TNC17 topics interesting for further communications activities.

Blog here:

In addition:

  • secretary & SC chair participated in SIGs & TFs round table discussion at TNC17
  • 4 SIG participants joined committee to formulate CLAW crisis management event.
    • SC agreed CLAW will replace customary Autumn SIG meeting so encouraging participants to register for that instead and bring their NOC & security colleagues.
SIG-MSPPlanning for October meeting took place.12-13 October 2016 SIG-MSP Meeting took place in Rome, hosted by GARR. Info here:

Met 8-9 March in Poznan, hosted by PSNC, including joint meeting with SIG-Marcomms & participation by some TF-RED people. 28 on-site participants & 4 remote participants from 18 organisations.

Joint meeting inlcuded:

  • European Open Science Cloud
  • GÉANT-and-NRENs service portfolio
  • Funet2020 new network

SIG-MSP meeting focused on:

  • Clouds
  • KPIs

More info here:


The Task Force was chartered in the previous quarter. No activity was scheduled in this quarter.

Discussion started on the KPIs to measure the SIG against. FOSDEM '17 was suggested as an event to co-locate. No formal meeting was scheduled.

The steering group defined KPIs for the SIG. 

SIG-PMVTask Force not operational in this quarter. 
  • First meeting held in Zurich.
  • Survey on performance and monitoring completed by the SIG.
  •  Second meeting held in Amsterdam.  Work on SIG-PMV scenarios started: PMV Scenarios.  
Planning for 3rd meeting. 

SIG-TNE was established in February with over 20 NRENs supporting the activity globally.

The first planning meeting took place on 25 April in Washington DC (at the Internet2 Global Summit). The session was well attended by 30 participants from all continents. During this meeting, 4 groups worked on identifying the main challenges that transnational education related institutions are facing now. You can read the meeting report here: Meeting at I2 Global Summit 2017

The first SIG-TNE meeting took place at TNC17 in Linz. 22 participants from 12 NRENs/Institutions worldwide attended the meeting.

4 main working streams have been identified:

  • TNE data
  • Global TNE policies
  • Technical Barriers
  • Tools, toolkits and resources

Note and slides from the meeting can be found here: Meeting at TNC17


  • Finished Charter
  • Session and Meeting at Internet2 Global Summit
  • Joint Meeting with SIG-Marcomms and SIG-MSP
  • Meeting at TNC17
  • All-hands VC July 5th
  • Start Requirements Gathering



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