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OBAABrazilRosa Vicari

The main goal of the project is to establish a standardized specification of the technical and functional requirements of interoperable learning objects

FEBBrazilRosa Vicari

FEB has the purpose of organize several repositories in a hierarchical structure called federation, centralizing such information in a single portal

UNTFranceYves Epelboin

National project which aims, domain by domain, to harvest what exists in all public universities.

A software has been developed, called ORI/OAI for this purpose with the objective of using it in all universities to index then to harvest the data.

Organic.EdunetEUGiannis Stoitsis

Experience with learning material on organic agriculture in Europe.

Organic.Edunet is a learning portal that provides access to digital learning resources on Organic Agriculture and Agroecology and aims to facilitate access, usage and exploitation of such content. Learning resources published are appropriate for school and university level, thus targeting pupils, students, teachers and researchers, apart from general learners.

Savoir En Ligne

FranceYves Epelboin experience with metadata
EUSCREENEU EUscreen project aims to promote the use of television content to explore Europe's rich and diverse cultural history. It will create access to over 30,000 items of programme content and information, and by developing a number of interactive functionalities and dynamic links with Europeana it will prove valuable to the widest range of cultural, educational and recreational users.
Open SankoreFranceAlbert-Claude Benhamou

1) concerning our digital university for health and sport sciences: http:/
2) concerning our new multi-language software for interactive teaching, and for editing OER  "Open Sankore".
3) our repository portal for OER produced freely by teachers.

UVEDFranceDelphine Pommeray, which gathers today fifteen founders and thirty partners, provides 2000 labelled digital, multimedia and audio-visual educational resources freely accessible and usable by students or teachers in all fields and for all approaches to sustainable development.
MAORIsraelEli Shmueli is a Israeli national repository of information (meta-data) on online learning objects. MAOR's purpose is to overcome the difficulty of locating quality teaching resources from varied repository (universities, colleges and content provider ). The repository catalogues learning resources according to in-built meta-data and pools links to these resources; thus making it easier to locate objects; share with learners, use and reuse.
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