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WaTTS is a Token Translation Service developed by KIT in the context of the INDIGO Data Cloud project. WaTTS was developed to address the users' need to access services that can do not directly utilise federated access and require that the users use security tokens, such as SSH keys, X.509 ertificates, S3 access tokens etc. In this AARC pilot, WaTTS is integrated with the EGI CheckIn service, so that users can access WaTTS using their EGI accounts, while authenticating either at their home organisations or using their socialIDs. With WaTTS, users are able to manage the SSH access to a number of trusted VMs from a single point in a secure and user-friendly manner. In this pilot, WaTTS is used to manage their SSH public keys and provision them on demand to an authorised set of VMs. Although in this pilot WaTTS is integrated with the EGI CheckIn service, the solution is not limited to EGI, and can be used at any community/infrastructure/service where there is a need to "bridge" between different technologies, and can be run as a standalone "plug-and-play" solution. The only requirement is that the community/infrastructure/service supports integration of OIDC services.


It is important to mention that at neither step the credentials (in this case SSH keys) are stored on the WATTS service.

WaTTS is still in development, however, actively maintained and it is also running in production. As already mentioned, it is not limited to EGI OIDC providers, but already supports Human Brain Project (HBP), b2accessGoogle, and naturally, INDIGO IAM (INDIGO Access Management). Adding additional IdPs or configuring the service is straightforward. Support for additional credentials is done through plugins, for which the API is defined, and can therefore be further developed as needed.

WATTS source and info pages:


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Pilot resources

WATTS service ( - development version

EGI CheckIn service

2 VMS provided by ~okeanos.

KIT Grid certificate (used to authenticate with EGI CheckIn service), alternatively Google account is used, however LoA connected with Google account is not sufficient to upload keys (this is by design, it is configurable, naturally)


Demonstration workflow